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22 May / 2016
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This week here in North Lombok we have been noticing the colour and beauty coming back to our reefs. The North Gilis have not been famous for their colourful, pristine coral reefs due to dynamite fishing so many years ago but indeed the beautiful colour is coming back. There are so many dive sites up here which truly do blow me away. The amount of hard corals that cover our reefs is incredible ranging from massive table corals, blue corals, brain coral, plate coral, stag horn coral and fleshy coral. These corals create shelter and safety for creatures/fish such as pipe fish, lionfish, moray eels, ribbon eels, juvenile bat fish, turtles, octopus, shrimps and many more. 
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20 May / 2016
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It was an exciting week in Lembeh It was an exciting week in Lembeh as Martin, a first time visitor to Lembeh, asked his girlfriend, Carola to marry him! He hired Two Fish Lembeh’s transport boat to take the two of them to a beautiful, private white-sand beach where they went for a long, romantic walk before asking the Big Question. She said “Yes”, of course, which makes Lembeh a very memorable place for the both of them! A huge congratulations to Martin and Carola from the whole Two Fish Divers crew.
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18 May / 2016
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The Manta Madness Continues at Manta Point in LembonganThe Manta Rays in Lembongan…. The underwater action at Manta Point has continued throughout the week, with sightings of schooling manta rays, matting trains, mantas cleaning and some feeding action. The Manta Rays presence at Manta Point over the last 3 weeks has been outstanding and we have almost had a 100% success rate in sightings.
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16 May / 2016
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Bunaken resort update and info about national park!Bunaken resort update and info about the national park! After we had it a bit quiet in the last few days we have a full house again and there is a great buzz in the resort. We are diving with two boats which go to different dive sites.
We also have three students in open water courses who will be spoilt forever to do their courses on the amazing coral walls of Bunaken Island. Isabel saw an eagle ray one her first open water dive today.

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15 May / 2016
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Crocodile Fish in North Lombok

This Week in North Lombok, Gili Islands, we discovered a new dive site!!! Yes indeed, it came by chance as we had planned on heading east along frog fish point when a current from nowhere appeared so we decided to go with it. On the dive was myself, Sandy, Surge (USA) and Martin (Austria). All fairly new Open water divers and fighting the current was not an option. As we flew through the water over sand at around 14 meters we came across what looked like a sunken island covered with whip coral, feather stars, anemones, rocks and crevices. A beautiful discovery. As we held onto some rocks to look within for moray eels, pipe fish and so on we found a huge, yes huge Crocodile flathead. Measuring it with my measure tank banger the size was 15 inches. This is the first time I have seen one on the North gili’s.
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