Andreas Divemaster TraineeMy fourth week into the Dive Master program is nearing its end and it’s time to blog about my experiences.

My takeaways from this week are primarily the challenges associated with managing groups of people. In the dive master program it is included to organization a skin diving / snorkeling tours and scuba review sessions. There is simply a lot to consider managing people on the surface and under water, and I have a lot to learn and improve there. 


Andreas Divemaster TraineeI’ve now gone through the first 10 days of my divemaster course and it’s time to write a little about my experiences over the last week.

This week has primarily been about improving my skills. There are 24 specific dive skills to be mastered at demonstration-grade level, to allow me to assist a PADI instructor in Open Water training sessions. In addition to this I’ve been practicing leading groups under water and being Divemaster on a dive boat.

Blue ribbon eels in Lembongan and Purple Halimeda Ghost Pipefish in Bunaken

cuttlefish in Lembeh 19JAN14Weekly Summary #8, Jan 2014

Welcome to our weekly round-up. Famous last words last week after saying that the weather was getting better, Manado got hit by a huge storm that produced some floods and landslides that were pretty devastating. Despite that we had some good diving as long as we were careful with the dive sites, and we hope for Manado’s sake that the weather outlook will be better.

Sidemount diving – try a new configuration when you visit us

Sidemount-Top-ViewIn Feb 2013, Two Fish Divers contracted with Blue Label Diving, a premier PADI/TDI facility for TEC Courses and diving, to run all TEC Diving services at Two Fish Divers locations, under the name Blue Label Diving Indonesia (BLDI).

One of the most important service that BLDI provides is Sidemount Diving – providing courses and diving for recreational use to 40m as well as services for more deeper diving to 100m-plus. When you visit us, you may be interested in our FREE weekly Intro to Tec that we hold at our resorts, or the 2-day/3dive Sidemount Course for only Eu140 (supplement on top of normal accomm/dive package) – and during Jan-Mar 2014 we are running our TEC Promo that gives you 20% discount on all our TEC courses!!

Silky and thresher sharks in Bunaken and mating Hairy Octopus in Lembeh

boxer crab bunaken 31DEC13Weekly Summary #6, Jan 2014

Welcome to our weekly round-up, first one of 2014! Good luck with all your new year resolutions, lets hope one of them is to do more diving.

* In the Critter Corner, if you saw this red lip batfish, it would definitely make you want to kiss it!
* In the Tec Corner, Gerard visited us for some tec diving, and we finished the year with a dive to 100m

Weekly diving round-up: silky and thresher sharks were seen in Bunaken, we found mating Hairy Octopus (octopi?) in Lembeh, and it’s definitely the season for Triggerfish in Lembongan!

STOP the Western Australian SHARK CULL

Not sure if you have been aware, but Western Australia government have announced that they want to cull their sharks by installing baited hooks off Perth’s popular beaches in response to seven fatal shark attacks in three years.

Shark fishermen will patrol WA waters and kill any tiger, bull or great white shark bigger than three metres spotted in the designated zones, while any sharks hooked on the drum lines will be killed and disposed of offshore.

Get married the tec way at 130m deep – how deep is your love?

TEC Instructors Hiro and Sandy are tekkies in Blue Label Diving Indonesia and are based in Bunaken, Indonesia. They are a technical diving duo and provide technical dive training and dives on sidemount, twinsets and rebreathers. They began technical diving in 2009 on rebreathers and open circuit, and then made the switch to teaching tec in 2012.

They love TEC so much that they actually got married at depth of 130 meters. Not only that, they actually exchanged vows, rings and a kiss at 130 meters underwater in a cave in Thailand and set a Guinness World Record for the deepest wedding!