STOP the Western Australian SHARK CULL

Not sure if you have been aware, but Western Australia government have announced that they want to cull their sharks by installing baited hooks off Perth’s popular beaches in response to seven fatal shark attacks in three years.

Shark fishermen will patrol WA waters and kill any tiger, bull or great white shark bigger than three metres spotted in the designated zones, while any sharks hooked on the drum lines will be killed and disposed of offshore.

Get married the tec way at 130m deep – how deep is your love?

TEC Instructors Hiro and Sandy are tekkies in Blue Label Diving Indonesia and are based in Bunaken, Indonesia. They are a technical diving duo and provide technical dive training and dives on sidemount, twinsets and rebreathers. They began technical diving in 2009 on rebreathers and open circuit, and then made the switch to teaching tec in 2012.

They love TEC so much that they actually got married at depth of 130 meters. Not only that, they actually exchanged vows, rings and a kiss at 130 meters underwater in a cave in Thailand and set a Guinness World Record for the deepest wedding!

An XMas mola in Lembongan and 10 Ambon scorpionfish on one dive in Lembeh

ambon scorpionfish 28DEC13Weekly Summary #5, Dec 2013

Welcome to our weekly round-up, last one of 2013! We hope that you had a great XMas last week, followed up with a great New Year.


  • why not visit the sharks and manta’s the next time you are in Singapore
  • On the critter front, we had a Frogfish-tastic week in Lembeh, but what is a frogfish?

Weekly diving round-up: divers had a great experience with dolphins in Bunaken, we had 10 Ambon scorpionfish on one dive in Lembeh, and for Christmas we had a nice present with the visit of santa Mola Mola in SD Point in Lembongan!

sharks and mantas at the singapore aquarium

sea aquarium singapore aquariumIf you have a few hours to kill in Singapore and want to see some sharks and mantas, then take a visit to the Singapore aquarium on Sentosa. Regardless of your conservation views, we really think it was worth it after we took a visit with our kids (aged 4 and 6) and had a great day out.

Yes we live in Bunaken and have access to the reefs of the park any time we want, BUT we do not have a shark tunnel, every kind of ray in the worlds largest aquarium or a chance to eat lunch whilst viewing mantas!

Whale shark in Bunaken and a Frogfish-tastic week in Lembeh

white tip shark lembongan 19DEC13Weekly Summary #4, Dec 2013

TEC is back in Bunaken!! Hiro & Sandy, our tec instructors, arrived and got straight to work. In travel news, Lembongan was voted the 2nd best island in Asia! And on the conservation front, we highlight Shark Savers campaign to protect Manta Rays.

Weekly diving round-up: a whale shark was spotted in Bunaken, we’ve had a Frogfish-tastic week in Lembeh, and we’ve had some good sightings of white-tip sharks in Lembongan.


Steven Ingersoll Divemaster TraineeIt is surreal that my time as a DMT in Bunaken has finally come to an end. My experience here was exceptional, in and out of the classroom.

Dion, my fantastic instructor, always had a smile on his face and finds ways to entertain in the classroom. The internship work wasn’t easy, but after my courses were finished I was pleased to see what I accomplished. Part of the satisfaction was the challenge.

Plenty of turtles in Bunaken and still Mola Molas in Lembongan

Paddle rhinopiasWeekly Summary #3, Dec 2013

Our critter corner explores Rhinopias: divers get very excited about them when they see them in Lembeh, but what is a Rhinopias?

On the conservation front, more good news for sharks as China bans shark-fin dinners for officials.

We also have news about Singapore Airlines and SIlk Air increasing their baggage allowance, which is good news for divers with lots of dive gear!

Weekly round-up: the two Rhinopias are still around in Lembeh, we are heaps of turtles in Bunaken, and those pesky Mola Molas are still around in Lembongan – don’t they know its out of season?

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir increase their baggage allowance

singapore airlines increase baggage allowanceNot sure if everyone noticed, but in mid-Nov 2013 Singapore Airlines and SilkAir announced that they were increasing their baggage allowance for all flights by 10kg across all classes. For flights to and from the United States or Brazil, where a piece allowance applies, customers traveling in Singapore Airlines Suites, First Class and Business Class will be entitled to check in two pieces of luggage of up to 32kg each.

Two new Rhinopias in Lembeh and lots of Mola Mola in Lembongan

Our critter corner explores Mola Mola: We saw 7 Manta’s and 5 Mola Mola in one day in Lembongan, so we thought we would find out Just what is a Mola Mola?

On the conservation front, Shark Savers are doing amazing work in their Campaign to Stop Shark Fin Soup.

Weekly round-up: we just found two new Rhinopias in Lembeh, we are finding lots of pontohi in Bunaken, and the Mola Molas are still around in Lembongan.


Steven Ingersoll Divemaster TraineeLots of excitement in Bunaken this week as usual, both in and out of the water!

Initially, my week started off on a bad note with visa issues.  Let this be a note to all who are doing their Divemaster course, get your visa renewal done early.  I had thought that it would be a quick process, and it would have been relatively so, if only I had gotten the wheel moving earlier. After I turned my papers into the front desk late last week, I was told the process would take longer than I had expected.  

Mola Mola is the heaviest bony fish in the world

Mola mola at Buyuk, Nusa LembonganThis week we saw 5 Mola Mola on 1 dive in Lembongan so I thought that I would find out what a Mola Mola is, and the first thing I discovered is that the Mola Mola is the heaviest bony fish in the world!! (sharks and rays can be heavier, but they’re cartilaginous fish).

The Mola Mola, or ocean sunfish, resembles a big floating blob, and the adult has an average weight of 1,000 kg and is 180cm long (250cm fin to fin).


Why are we doing the Divemaster Certification? Why are we doing it with Two Fish? Why did we leave the United States? These are questions we are asked around the Two Fish dinner table most evenings.  Tim and I want to become Divemasters because we would like to travel the tropical world and obtain skills to earn money while we are there.  I want to be a Divemaster because I love the ocean and its inhabitants and want to share that incredible underwater world with others.  And, I love teaching – seeing that light turn on for someone when they have understood a new skill.