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30 Nov / 2016
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divemaster trainee blog by Jackie & BrentNusa Lembongan: (Nov 1st-21st)
3 weeks into our divemaster course and we are already saying goodbye to Nusa Lembongan, for now at least, to fly onto Manado and join the two fish crew in Bunaken. What an action filled, learning curve this past 3 weeks has been!
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Some Molas are Still Around in Lembongan - Mola seasonThis week in Lembongan… The mola season may officially be over and it was not what we were all expecting but we have had a surprise turn of events this week, with our divers spotting 2 molas on 2 different dives through and another dive centre spotting 4 molas together on 1 dive. This is not to say that the mola season is coming late, but great to see that some are still around. 
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16 Nov / 2016
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Goat Fish in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… The common goatfish is often overlooked by experienced divers as they glide their eyes over the reef and through the coral looking for a crazy small creatures or that next colourful nudibranch. But often while we are working with students and one of these somewhat normal looking fish, starts combing through the rubble looking for food with their barbels, is when the divers start to point.  
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14 Nov / 2016
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Natacha's Divemaster course in AmedI can’t believe I’m already in week three of my Divemaster course. So far, things have been going well and I only realised a whole week was over, when the instructors told me I should take a day off. Yes there are days off!

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bunaken tech divingWalls reaching depths of 600m and a location at the heart of the Coral Triangle are only two reasons why technical divers should visit Bunaken island. Yet, despite being perfect tech territory on paper, the island remains something of a well-kept secret. For those who haven’t been, we’ve put together a few reasons to book your trip now.

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