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10 Apr / 2016
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_MG_1289This week around the North Gilis, Lombok……. Peacock Mantis Shrimp seem to be the highlight of this week. They are all around the 3 North Gili Islands, we pretty much see at least one on every dive. This week however they seem to have taken over. With their beautiful multi-colours, playful characteristic and fast movements from one hole to another it has been a delight to keep bumping into these crazy shrimps.

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09 Apr / 2016
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 leafie1Our guides and guests have been finding a lot of leaf scorpionfish this week underwater in Amed, and just like Josephs’ coat we’ve been finding them in an amazing technicolour array.

The leaf scorpionfish (Taeniatonus Tricanthus) is an ambush predator, often found sitting on acropora corals or hard bommies with glassfish, waiting for a small fish to accidentally swim in front of it.. then boom! No more small fish, smiling leafy :) In yet another example of natures tricks not only does the leaf scorpionfish look like a leaf, it often sways around in swell or current to enhance the disguise. No wonder it’s small prey are easily fooled.

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08 Apr / 2016
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Interesting Reproductive Behavior amongst Cephalopods in LembehWe have been witness to some very interesting reproductive behavior amongst Cephalopods when diving in Lembeh this week. Both Cuttlefish and Reef Squid have all been putting on quite the show! These two beautiful Crinoid Cuttlefish (distinguished by the spotted pattern on their lower arms) were caught mating beneath the overhangs of a colorful sponge, and were so caught up in the activity at hand that they didn’t seem to notice the gathering crowd of divers.

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06 Apr / 2016
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Titan Trigger Fish in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Generally speaking the titan trigger fish in Lembongan are not an issue, and on the odd occasions where a diver gets a nip on the fin, it is only just a nip and away swims the diver and away swims the trigger fish. We do not get the crazy stories or reactions from trigger fish like they do in places like Koh Tao, Thailand. But in saying that, we are still visitor to their environment and they need to protect their nest.
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05 Apr / 2016
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Diving courses in BunakenWhile things around the resort calmed down a bit after Easter, our instructors Dion and Yvonne have been busy teaching right across the spectrum of PADI courses for the past few days. They’ve been introducing first time divers to the underwater world, explored shipwrecks and worked with our divemaster trainees to perfect their skills both underwater and on land. And they even managed to re-introduce a guest to the underwater world after a 13 year break who was most impressed by the number and size of turtles on our walls (picture by Alex Schade).

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