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20 Dec / 2015
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IMG_2012Belongas, South Lombok this week we have been fortunate again to bump into the magnificent Mobula Rays. It is the end of the season and the Mobula rays have not been seen for a few weeks and for some reason they decided to show their faces again.

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18 Dec / 2015
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all Critters have Eggs In LembehThis Week in Lembeh … all Critters have Eggs in Lembeh, and sometimes it takes a camera to spot them!

Have you ever reviewed your dive photos only to notice something in your photos that you completely missed in person? That is one of the many reasons I enjoy underwater photography so much: it allows you to see things post-dive that may not be easily apparent to the naked eye.

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16 Dec / 2015
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PADI divemaster course with Two Fish DiversIt’s been a week since I arrived at Two Fish Divers in Bunaken, where I plan to complete my PADI Divemaster course. Here are first impressions: the course sure keeps me busy, but I still managed to read a business magazine (old habits die hard!) in the evening to fall asleep. I have opted for a condensed three-week programme which has been off to a full-on start.

One of my favourite things to do so far has been practising the 24 basic dive skills and learning more about teaching other divers. Personally, I have been diving for four years already, which turns out to be long enough to pick up a few bad habits. If my first week is anything to go by, this course will definitely help me get back on track.
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16 Dec / 2015
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Turtle Time in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Turtles have been cruising by our divers and giving them a little wave. There are a lot of divers that have the turtle at the top of there list of things to see under the water and Lembongan is a great location to spot them. 
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15 Dec / 2015
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Divemaster trainee ScottWhat a way to start the third week of my divemaster course in Bunaken! After surfacing from a fantastic dive, our captain tells us there’s been a pod of dolphins swimming by. He drives the boat over to where a pod of around 20 dolphins are cruising. They start playfully swimming with the boat for about 10 minutes or so before deciding they’ve had enough and we part ways. Wow!

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