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09 Dec / 2015
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Lions in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Our divers have been able to spot some lions… Lion fish that is. The common and the long fin lion fish are common sights in the waters around Nusa Lembongan and they are natural inhabitants, so they are not a pests like in other parts of the world.

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08 Dec / 2015
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Week Two - Scott's Divemaster course in BunakenAs a Divemaster you need to be prepared to deal with stressful situations, and this week during my divemaster course in Bunaken I was put through my stess test. During the stress test myself and my buddy, one of Two Fish’s Indonesian dive guides, had to swap all our equipment underwater while buddy-breathing (one regulator between two divers) and being ‘challenged’ by our instructors. I’m not really someone who ever feels stressed but this was quite difficult at times, especially when they’re constantly spraying bubbles in your face or stealing your mask!

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07 Dec / 2015
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Mola Molas breach Bunaken watersYes, you’ve read that right – not one, but two Mola Molas breached Bunaken waters this week to keep our divers company during their surface interval, breaching the surface three times!

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06 Dec / 2015
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Barracuda's in BelongasIn Belongas, South Lombok this week we have had schools and schools of barracudas!!!

Waves have been calm, mild currents all week and still plenty of pelagic.
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05 Dec / 2015
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White tip reef sharkThis week in Sanur we’ve been seeing a lot of variety – Big fish and little fish with Two Fish Bali, there’s been lots of the macro life we love to find but bigger fish too, such as Manta Rays and our friends the Whitetip Reef Sharks.
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