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15 Feb / 2016
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Technical diving IndonesiaTwinset manifolds – not the sexiest item of technical diving equipment by far and also not the most talked-about, you would think. Well, last week proved to be a little different – with three technical divers joining us in Bunaken for guided dives, we discovered that all of us had different ideas about manifold settings. So, who’s right?

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15 Feb / 2016
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PADI instructor course in BunakenWe’ve been hitting the books in Bunaken this week as our first PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course) of the year is getting underway.

Two of our five instructor candidates are Two Fish’s own: Yayan, Divemaster in Lembongan is taking a step up and Simon from England has come back to become an instructor two years after completing his Divemaster course here. Together with Fred from Belgium, Roya from the U.S. and Prema from Southern France they are being looked after by Course Director Marie-Lise Roux who is based on Koh Tao, Thailand, but travels across Asia to teach IDCs.
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12 Feb / 2016
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Anemonefish in LembehHave you ever noticed that the majority of Anemonefish in Lembeh have tongue-biting isopods in their mouth? Most of the isopods are so small they are hardly noticeable. This week, however, this large, female Cheek-Spine Anemonefish put on quite the show as she gaped at divers, showing off her over-sized creepy critter.

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10 Feb / 2016
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Spectacular Dive at Manta BayThis week in Lembongan… The storms, rain and big waves of last week have now left us and the sea has calmed down, meaning that we have been able to get back around the island to the manta dive sites. We went to manta bay a few times this week but one dive really stood out and it wasn’t only because of the manta rays we saw. It was truly a spectacular dive at Manta Bay.
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08 Feb / 2016
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We have had pretty strong wind which equals to big waves in Senggigi!! Even so we tried out a new dive site down to the south of Senggigi which we call “Temple Wall.” It is so named due to the landmarks above water. The wall was built around 10 years ago for breaking the waves during the wet season and protecting the small local shops along the coast line. It is a pretty wall and looks a lot older than it is.Under the waves in Senggigi
The dive site is a shallow dive of a maximum depth of 15 meters. There is a plateau as you descend of a big area and as you swim out to the south west it starts to slope down with big boulders full of coral. We saw an awful lot of sea creatures ranging from scorpion fish, lionfish, flat worms, bat fish, nudibranchs, squat shrimps, crabs but best of all was the ribbon eel. A beautiful blue colour with the yellow stripe going down its back. Ribbon eel’s are fairly friendly and if you hover your tank banger over it and slowly move it away the eel will follow for some time giving us divers the chance to see just how long they get.
On the boat we were joined by the owners of the hotel “The Candi”. A couple from Germany who moved here back 6 years ago. With them was Martine, myself, Zul (our transport staff) and kuss the Instructor/Guide.
A pleasant day but not for those who get a little sea sick. :-/ Luckily that was none of us 😉

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