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14 Dec / 2015
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ornate ghost pipefish indonesiaAn abundance of the spectacular Ornate Ghost Pipefish here in Sekotong this week. Casandra and Stefan joined us this week for some diving and were very happy with it. Yes they got to see the beautiful Ornate Ghost Pipefish hiding amongst the feather stars along with turtles, nudibranchs, Cuttle fish which Casandre admitted was her absolute favorite and a whole range of shrimps.

Also this week we had Laura joining us for a couple of dives with our dive master Bagyo and came back very happy after dives. Laura got to see the amazingly cute Pygmy seahorse, giant moray eels, lionfish, Indian ocean Walkman, wrasses, turtles and  got to play with a huge group of sardines. Although the visibility was not as good as usual she still thoroughly enjoyed her dive.

The boat men have again been reporting sightings of the elusive dugong out on our dive sights while we have been diving, but unluckily we are still yet to see it under water. We will all be keeping our fingers crossed in the near future for a chance to observe this beautiful creature.

This week here in Sekotong the weather has been hot hot hot with one day of rain that lasted about two hours. The water has been nice and hot as well holding around 28 degrees C, we have had some mild currents, no waves and the visibility at around 15 meters.

13 Dec / 2015
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Manta's againWe have been seeing Manta’s again in Bali mainland off of the coast of Nusa Penida. The Manta’s around Nusa Penida are there all year round, giving divers the chance to experience the gracefulness of these amazing plankton eaters.
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11 Dec / 2015
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muck diving with Melibe in LembehThe muck diving in Lembeh revealed a variety of Melibe this week! While we were seeing Melibe viridis (Green Melibe Nudibranches) earlier in the year, this week we are seeing smaller, yet no less impressive varieties: The Melibe megaceras, Melibe engeli and the rare Melibe colemani.

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09 Dec / 2015
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Lions in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Our divers have been able to spot some lions… Lion fish that is. The common and the long fin lion fish are common sights in the waters around Nusa Lembongan and they are natural inhabitants, so they are not a pests like in other parts of the world.

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08 Dec / 2015
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Week Two - Scott's Divemaster course in BunakenAs a Divemaster you need to be prepared to deal with stressful situations, and this week during my divemaster course in Bunaken I was put through my stess test. During the stress test myself and my buddy, one of Two Fish’s Indonesian dive guides, had to swap all our equipment underwater while buddy-breathing (one regulator between two divers) and being ‘challenged’ by our instructors. I’m not really someone who ever feels stressed but this was quite difficult at times, especially when they’re constantly spraying bubbles in your face or stealing your mask!

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