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23 Aug / 2015
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Magnificent Mobula, Belongas South LombokThis week in Belongas South Lombok we have been especially lucky with Hammerheads, Barracuda, Tuna, White tip reef sharks, eagle rays, Banded sea snakes and hundreds of Mobula rays. Every day we have had two boats going out and coming back with extremely happy divers.
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22 Aug / 2015
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imageThis week in Bali we are going be having some awesome dive offers coming your way for diving all around the island and also some PADI coures offers as well.
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20 Aug / 2015
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Mantis Shrimp South LombokThis week in South Lombok, Peacock mantis shrimps have been everywhere and extremely active! Gili Ringgit our most popular island of the 3 to dive around is full of corals, colourful reef fish and now the mantis shrimps.
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19 Aug / 2015
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imageThis week in Lembongan. Calm seas have allowed us to visit the Mantas quite frequently and our divers enjoyed a lot of time with this beautiful creatures. Some of them were lucky enough to even see Mantas and Molas on the same day and to top that off they spotted dolphins on the surface just a few meters from our boat. So we had a lot of happy faces from our guests at lunch.
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17 Aug / 2015
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Schooling-barracudas-at-Mantehage-island.jpgThis week diving in Bunaken… A nice school of barracudas was seen during a day trip to Mantehage island. Unfortunately only one group of divers saw them which proves again that you just need to be at the right place at the right time. However, luckily there were plenty of large game fish such as tunas and trevallies, as well as quite a few sharks to keep all the divers happy.

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