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13 Sep / 2015
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Belongas, South Lombok…..attracts those who are in need of encountering plenty of pelagic fish but it rare for us here to bump into the almighty Sunfish otherwise known as Mola Mola.

There have been a few sightings over the years but it is something that we don’t count on.
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12 Sep / 2015
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imageThis week in Bali: We have been playin in the muck and have found Leaf fish, Frogfish, Pipefish and a whole lot of Muck! 
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12 Sep / 2015
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image This week in Bali: with the variety of species we have been spotting you can say it’s been a ‘nudibranch carnival in malasti’
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09 Sep / 2015
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Cute Boxfish In LembonganSo what exactly is a boxfish?

Besides being the cuties fish ever, the boxfish are small fish that mainly swim in the shallow areas of the warmer parts of the world’s oceans, like coral reefs. They spend their lives passively pruning algae and small invertebrates like crustaceans, worms, and sponges off rocks and coral with their tiny, cute mouths. Their body is rigid with hexagonal bony plates fused together to form a hard shell that encircles their interior, “real” skeletal framework. It has as well rounded corners that makes the animal distinctly rectangular in overall shape. Their shell is so amazing that it has been used as a bionic inspiration for automobile design!

How cool is that?!

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08 Sep / 2015
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HiccupWhat to do when your hang time turns out to be a hang on time? Two Fish Divers’ technical diving instructor shares an experience with in-current decompression.

Our guests Emma and Anthony from Australia got to experience some quite different conditions whilst tech diving with us at Bunaken. During our preparations and briefings Emma asked me when I normally send up my DSMB. The quick answer to that is when I know I can or when I have to, I would normally wait until towards the end of the last stop to signal the boat; as long as I was ascending where I had planned. This surprised Emma as she had been diving in the Gilis and they had always used their DSMB as an ascent platform from depth.
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