Lembeh divers’ favourite – watching behavior

Watching behavior is a favorite pastime of many Lembeh diversWatching behavior is a favorite pastime of many Lembeh divers. Animals feed on other animals, fish spawn with one another, and of course there is plenty of egg laying going on. This week in Lembeh, Two Fish Divers guests were shocked to see a Shaggy Scorpionfish gobble down a Wonderpus! For a moment it looked like the Wonderpus had a fighting chance as its tentacles braced against the face of the Scorpionfish, but in the end the Scorpionfish won the fight. And this isn’t the first time a Wonderpus has seen the inside of a fish’s mouth. A few months back Two Fish divers saw a Wonderpus eaten by a flounder. However, the dive-guide’s gentle tap on the flounders nose made it spit the dazed Wonderpus back onto the sand! For now it remains 1:1 for Wonderpus against predatory fish…

Finding Nemo in Lembongan

Finding Nemo in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… This area of Bali may be known for the great chance to see mantas or in the right season, the opportunity to have a close encounter with the strange mola and the interesting currents that we get, but every now and again, it is nice to take a moment, have a quick look around and find nemo.

Beautiful Reef Diving in Lembeh

Beautiful Reef Diving in LembehWho knew there was beautiful reef diving in Lembeh? Often overlooked because of all the world-class muck diving sites, there are also some amazing reef dives in Lembeh. Angel’s Window is a regularly requested site amongst return guests because of all the incredible animals encountered there. Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorses are easily located at a few sites, but the Denise Pygmy Seahorse is a rare sight in Lembeh Strait these days. The Denise is differentiated from the Bargibanti by its smoother look: while the Bagibanti has many tubercles to match its host Gorgonean fan, the Denise has fewer tubercles, giving it a smoother appearance. And while the Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse is usually found living on pinkish colored fans, the Denise is assumed to more often reside on orange fans (though not always).

Galungan Greetings From Lembongan

Happy Galungan From Lembongan EverybodyHappy….. What is it?? This week in Lembongan… there is a special time, called Galungan, a 10 days Balinese festival period. Full of Hindu religious ceremonies which culminates at Kuningan. This week started all the preparations in Lembongan, with many bamboo and palm leaves ornaments arriving to the shops and ready to be sold to the villagers. Temples where adorned and locals started to prepare their beautiful and unique ceremonial attires.

Beginner divers in the North Gilis, Lombok

IMG_0829The North Gili’s this week we have had 6 Scuba Diver courses and plenty of Discover Scuba divers. Up here on Gili Air we get all sorts of travellers turning up from families on a long holiday to daily travellers going about Southeast Asia to couples and so on. Since opening here we have noticed a lot of beginner divers. It really is a great place to start as the currents are avoidable; we have crystal clear warm water and Turtles everywhere. The Scuba diver course is really a great introduction to diving and it allows you to continue and practice with professionals. It only takes 2 days which seems to be ideal for the people visiting the Gili islands.

Baby Flamboyant Cuttlefish hatching in Lembeh

Baby Flamboyant Cuttlefish hatching in LembehA few of our guests were lucky enough to witness baby Flamboyant Cuttlefish hatching in Lembeh this week! Their eggs were first discovered a week prior and a few dedicated guests and guides returned time and again before finally witnessing the big event! As if it’s not incredible enough to watch the juveniles squirm about inside their eggs, to see them shift color just moments before pushing through the egg must be truly incredible! Once out of the egg, the teeny-tiny Flamboyant Cuttlefish remained brightly colored as it sought out its first meal on the reef…

Tech diving discount for dive pros

Off-season technical diving course discounts in AmedAre you a scuba diving pro in Bali, the Gilis or Lombok looking forward to the season slowing down a little? We’ve got the perfect cure for any boredom – come do any technical diving course with us and receive a massive 10% discount as a local dive pro! And there are opportunities for technical fun diving, too!

Spanish Dancer in Lembongan

Spanish Dancer in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Last night a few of our divers headed out for a night dive in Lembongan Bay. A fairly shallow dive site which in terms of currents and waves, is a strong contrast to the other dive sites around Lembongan and Penida but it is these differences in conditions, that make it a great spot for night dives. Normally Spanish Dancers are pretty rare to find around Lembongan, but it is these crazy nudibranch that are dive guides are looking for on night dives. 

An lovely gallery of Amed critters

Amed CrittersA photo speaks a thousand words, so here’s over ten thousand words as we show you a lovely gallery of Amed critters photos taken by our guest Olly Tindall.  Olly was here for a few days last week diving with our guide Baron – Baron found the creatures and Olly took these awesome photos. Thanks for the photos Olly and hope to see you again soon.


So, how many of these species you can identify??

Banded Snakes are back in the North Gilis

IMG_0578In the North Gilis, Lombok this week we have had a rise of the banded sea snake. We used to often see them around various dive sites up here but we have not spotted one for a few weeks now. This week at Frogfish point North Gili Air we have spotted 3 on different occasions. They are fairly fat beasts here not the usual slender banded sea snake, must be a lot of good food for them in this area.

Hairy Octopus in Lembeh this week!

Hairy Octopus in Lembeh this week!To the surprise and delight of our divers, one of the rarest octopus in the Strait, the Hairy Octopus, graced us with his delightfully-playful presence this week. There also continues to be an excess of Juvenile Frogfish on the reef, in all colors, species and sizes. Everyone from super macro photographers to compact shooters will be taking home an incredible selection of Frogfish photos! Add the Halemeida Ghostpipefish sighting to the mix, and it was quite the eventful week of diving!

Lembeh Critter – Shrimpgoby and its counterpart

Shrimpgobys and their Snapping Shrimp counterparts in Lembeh this week.Divemaster in Training Lily was fascinated by the Shrimpgobys and their Snapping Shrimp counterparts in Lembeh this week. The Shrimpgoby lives alongside a nearly blind Snapping Shrimp in a burrow and provides the vulnerable shrimp with the protection of “eyesight”. The bull-dozing shrimp provides the Shrimpgoby with a clean burrow as it spends its days cleaning out their home. Any time it leaves the burrow the Shrimp maintains physical contact with its watchful Shrimpgoby. At the first sign of danger, a single flick of the Shrimpgoby’s tail sends them both diving for safety back into their manicured burrow.

Mola Season in Lembongan

Mola Season has Started in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… It seems the mola season has started with a mola sighting every few days. But, they have been a little shy. Over the last few days, the ones that the divers have seen, have just been passing by and moving quickly. As rare and as special as these creatures are, even just a few seconds with a passing mola has made our guests happy. As the mola season kicks off, lets go through a few facts and myths about this crazy creatures.