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22 Nov / 2015
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_MG_0462This week in Belongas, South Lombok the eagle rays have been around in numbers once again. We have seen them almost all season but the numbers dropped during the peak months, it seems as though they have had enough of hiding and decided to show their beauty once again.

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21 Nov / 2015
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P1020581This Week in Bali: We spotted a huge Armina at Blue Lagoon in Padang Bai, He is the size of a fist and quiet a special spot for us here in Bali.
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18 Nov / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

Rays and Sharks Cruising Around LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Two days ago, our divers were really lucky, as in one day they spotted; manta rays, a bamboo shark, schools of giant trevallies and up to 8 marbled rays relaxing on the bottom.

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17 Nov / 2015
Author: Two Fish Blog Tags: There is no tags Comments: 2

SpecsMy second week in Bunaken has also been very productive and rewarding! I took three specialty courses: Fish-Identification (with instructor Dion), Search and Recovery (with instructor Dom) and Underwater Naturalist (with instructor Tina).
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15 Nov / 2015
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SRWe have had a burst of specialty courses at Bunaken this week; our dive master in training Guillermo has been completing his Fish ID, underwater Naturalist, and Search and Recovery courses. He has been joined by Scott who arrived last week from Lembeh to start his Divemaster course, Scott has completed his Search and Recovery, Nitrox and Deep specialties and we have a guest from Belgium, Manu who joined in and has completed his Drift and Deep. Fair play guys for continuing with your dive education; though going on a certain final search and recovery dive there is still a bit of education to go! Luckily they are still with us for a few more weeks. Congratulations too go out to Ellen, also from Belgium, who completed her Open Water course with Dion.
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