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08 Sep / 2015
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HiccupWhat to do when your hang time turns out to be a hang on time? Two Fish Divers’ technical diving instructor shares an experience with in-current decompression.

Our guests Emma and Anthony from Australia got to experience some quite different conditions whilst tech diving with us at Bunaken. During our preparations and briefings Emma asked me when I normally send up my DSMB. The quick answer to that is when I know I can or when I have to, I would normally wait until towards the end of the last stop to signal the boat; as long as I was ascending where I had planned. This surprised Emma as she had been diving in the Gilis and they had always used their DSMB as an ascent platform from depth.
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07 Sep / 2015
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50M+ Visibility at Bunaken! Sounds too good to be true? Well it came with a cost; the visibility was easily better than 50m- you could see forever but it was due to almost a 10C thermocline!

Water temp at the surface was a nice 28-29C which dropped a little on the way down but the upwelling dropped temps to 20C! This of course brought with it a heap of fish activity; we had sharks, a monster Napoleon wrasse, loads of dogtooth tuna, jacks and emperors. All in all it was an awesome dive, and as we left bottom back into the warmth we thought we had experienced the eventful part of the dive.
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06 Sep / 2015
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Bunaken turtle at LeukuanDown here in Belongas, South Lombok….this week we have seen an awful lot of Hawksbill turtles. It has been known to see them on occasion at our Dive sites “Gili Sarang” and “The Cathedral” but we have even run into them at “the Magnet” earlier in the week. “A lovely way to end the dive, we have been so lucky” said the group of Instructor’s and Dive master’s from Gili islands, not only did they see the Turtles they also saw a Big school of Hammerheads, Great Barracuda, 7 White tip reef sharks, Eagle rays,  Bamboo sharks, Lobsters and Grouper!!
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06 Sep / 2015
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imageThis week in Bali: Normally you can consider yourself quiet lucky if you get to see even one Ghost Pipefish on a dive but this week we had Ghost Pipefish all over the site in Tulamben with a total of around 7-8 of them.
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04 Sep / 2015
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It’s Melibe Madness!This week in Lembeh…. It’s Melibe Madness! We have been seeing Green Melibe’s (Melibe Viridis) Nudibranchs in quite a few different spots. These large and odd looking Nudies can grow up to 12cm and are usually found searching the ground with their oral hood for its next meal. Dom was able to see a few on his short visit from our sister dive shop in Bunaken. He was also very happy to see his very first Stargazer.
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