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05 Jun / 2015
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Diving Belongas Bay in South LombokThe full moon has come and gone this week leaving us with a fairly calm surface and currents next to nothing. This has not meant that all our big beauties of the ocean have disappeared alongside with them. On our dives out in Belongas Bay, South Lombok this week we have been lucky enough to encounter groups of white tip reef sharks, at least four each time. Some gracefully chilling out in the blue next to reef while other’s were spotted taking it easy under an overhang.
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04 Jun / 2015
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Diving in South LombokThis week at the south gilis Lombok … crustaceans are giving their best pose to the camera. Squat lobster are dorsoventrally flattened crusaceans with long tails held curled beneath the thorax. More than 900 species have been described, in around 60 genera. Besides squat lobsters, we saw other crustaceans and critters like corallimorph decorator crap;
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03 Jun / 2015
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Happy Birthday Two Fish LembonganThis Week in Lembongan… It was all cheers as we gathered with all the staff and guests for a celebratory dinner. But the biggest birthday present came from the manta rays at Manta Point, where we were far from disappointed!
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02 Jun / 2015
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Divemaster trainees completing PADI Wreck SpecialtyThano from the US and Andreas from Norway both completed their PADI Divemaster courses with us between Bunaken and Lembeh locations. As both locations have good diveable wrecks the guys chose to do their PADI Wreck Specialty as well.
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01 Jun / 2015
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Cephalopod sensation in BunakenThis week in Bunaken… The divers got a cephalopod sensation this week when they ended up among freshly hatched octopus and cuttlefish. During a dive over at the mainland, ‘the muck diving of Bunaken‘, Benita and Janine from Australia all of a sudden found themselves among heaps of tiny little octopus swimming around in the water as well as several baby cuttlefish hiding in the stag horn coral. It is all about being in the right place at the right time! (Photo: Phil Clarke)
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