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13 Jul / 2015
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Diving Mainland Bali Special Offers For July

For the month of July we have some special offers on day trips for Diving Mainland Bali and on PADI courses. Come dive with us and get up to 20% discount!

1 person diving 5% discount
2 people diving 10% discount each
3 people diving 15% discount each
4+ people diving 20% discount each
Any PADI course 10% Discount

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11 Jul / 2015
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Black Frogfish living under the jettyThis week in Bali: We came across one of the special Padang Bai residents, a black Frogfish living under the jetty.

These little guys spend alot of their time just waiting for their next meal to swim by and when it does it only takes a split second to vanish into their mouths. They lure their meal with a modified fin which mimics the movement of small prey.
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10 Jul / 2015
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magnetized-belongas-south-lombokBelongas, South Lombok this week once again we have been blessed with company of Scalloped Hammerheads, 15 has been spotted whilst diving “The Magnet”. Corinne an Journalised from France who takes 3 months out a year to do underwater photography for her website was ecstatic seeing the Hammerheads as she had waited all year. While coming and diving with us in the Indian Ocean it is never guaranteed that we will spot what we have come for but when we do it is a feeling beyond explanation.
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10 Jul / 2015
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Cuttlefish’s eyes are speculated to be fully developed before birth and start observing their surroundings while still in the egg, and may prefer to hunt the prey they saw before hatching.
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10 Jul / 2015
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Sheep Graze?This Week in Lembeh….Sheep Graze? A popular subject at the moment is the famous “Shawn the Sheep” more correctly known as a Sapsucking Slug (Costasiella). This little guy can be quite a tricky subject growing to an average size of about 7mm. Being that size obviously and smaller can make it tricky to fully see them in all their glory with just the naked eye. Either way it a great find and even better when a photo somewhat works out!

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