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26 Aug / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: Comments: 3

Keeping Warm in Lembongan when scuba divingThis week in Lembongan… Another busy week on our little island. We have had two full boats going out every day. Temperatures in the south of the island have dropped and our divers were happy that we rent out 5mm full wetsuits to keep them warm and cozy. We all like to wear wetsuits nowadays for diving. But how does a wetsuit really keep you warm?
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25 Aug / 2015
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padi-nitrox-eanx copyIf you are a group of four fun-divers or four PADI Open Water courses with us in Bali, then we will give away a free nitrox course to one of your members. This includes all the required course material and certification, saving you $100 on the normal price of the course!!!
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25 Aug / 2015
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Congratulations to Bunaken's new Open Water Divers Congratulations go out to Paula & Oriol and Laurent & Frederic as well as Celine for completing their Open Water course in Bunaken and to Tatsuya for earning his Nitrox certification. This week has seen a return to some pretty unusual currents here at Bunaken; ups, downs and merry go rounds- but the visibility has been great and for those venturing out we have had sightings to suit all tastes. The past couple of days has seen groups of up to 6 eagle rays at a time playing in the currents; coming really close to the divers, they always seem much more relaxed in a current than in calm water. There has been plenty of shark action too, with a bit of a thermocline down deep getting the blacktips on the go!
On the other end of the scale we are finding ghost pipefish all over the place; ornates in the shallows, the elusive Halimeda has been spotted on a couple of sites and the guides have recently started spotting some slender ghost pipefish. Oke, one of our guides has even been turning up some juvenile frogfish; quite a feat when there is so much life on the reef for them to blend into. I really need to start following the guides more.

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24 Aug / 2015
Author: Luke Tags: There is no tags Comments: 1

We get Freaky.This week in Lembeh…. We get Freaky. Like something horror movies were made from, The famed Bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois) is some divers dream to see. Seen during the night, these creepy critters can grow to a length of 3m, waiting to snatch their pray and drag them down into the earth. Victoria has been wanting and waiting to see one for as long as she can remember. Since the first time she saw one featured in a magazine, this has been her prize. She was lucky enough to see one on her first night dive and was dancing for the next few days.
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23 Aug / 2015
Author: Robyn Tags: , Comments: 0

Magnificent Mobula, Belongas South LombokThis week in Belongas South Lombok we have been especially lucky with Hammerheads, Barracuda, Tuna, White tip reef sharks, eagle rays, Banded sea snakes and hundreds of Mobula rays. Every day we have had two boats going out and coming back with extremely happy divers.
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