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10 Jul / 2015
Author: Luke Tags: Comments: 2

Sheep Graze?This Week in Lembeh….Sheep Graze? A popular subject at the moment is the famous “Shawn the Sheep” more correctly known as a Sapsucking Slug (Costasiella). This little guy can be quite a tricky subject growing to an average size of about 7mm. Being that size obviously and smaller can make it tricky to fully see them in all their glory with just the naked eye. Either way it a great find and even better when a photo somewhat works out!

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08 Jul / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: , Comments: 1

Cuttles in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… A resident cuttlefish has been spotted on every dive that we have done at Crystal Bay. This stunning creature must think that it’s camouflage is pretty good because it hasn’t moved much over the last week.
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07 Jul / 2015
Author: Ina Tags: , Comments: 0

DMT Carmelo - week 2Time passes so fast here in Bunaken. I have been on this island for four weeks so far and I still love this place. I was quite busy with my Divemaster internship this week. I finished the DM manual and did the final exam. Theory is done :) The last two weeks I practiced the 24 Dive Skills several times with Dom in the pool. I could also see how the other two instructors are conducting the skills during the Open Water courses. So this week was my turn and my Dive Skills were scored by Ina.
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06 Jul / 2015
Author: Ina Tags: Comments: 0

Diving in Bunaken - ghost pipe fish!This week in Bunaken… We have seen ghosts this week! Luckily though it has been the kind that makes you squeal with delight, rather than with fear. All of a sudden plenty of gorgeous ornate ghost pipe fish has been popping up around the reefs, hiding especially in feather stars and pretending to be one of the arms of the colourful starfish. Thank you Benita Vincent for the photo!
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03 Jul / 2015
Author: Robyn Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

This week at “The Magnet” in Belongas, South Lombok we have been blessed with a huge school of Bigeye Trevally (also known as the big eye jack, great trevally, six-banded trevally and dusty jack). The school was so big that they blocked out the rays of sun shimmering through the water and the divers Simon and Josi had no choice but to hover and stare at the glistering silver bodies as the circled around them. “An outstanding dive site and experience” is what Simon said to his old friend our dive master Kiko.
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