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01 Jun / 2010
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Felipe and Scott Old school friends, Felipe and Scott had a ball here this week. Felipe did his Advanced course while Scott became an Open Water Diver. They both loved absolutely everything about underwater Bunaken.

Apart from being huge fans of the many Angel fish we have here, Felipe and Scott just couldn’t get over the sheer diversity of textures and shapes of all the stunning corals, sponges, sea squirts and sea stars – they didn’t know where to look and point next! Filling in the logbooks too a while…..

Well done on your courses guys, you were dream students….and thanks for reminding us how lucky we are on Bunaken to be surrounded by so much amazing aquatic life of every type!

01 Jun / 2010
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clean-up-crew Again a huge thanks to our volunteers of staff & guests that helped with our Clean-Up on Earth Day in April 2010. Project Aware also really appreciated your efforts and so decided to put us in the spotlight!!

Check out the Two fish spotlight section on the Project Aware website, as well as Project Aware beach clean-up news.

31 May / 2010
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Putting in the Cleaning Stations 3240x4320-3

In one of our previous blogs you saw us building the first structures for our House Reef (we are going to think of a proper name for it soon – send any suggestions to helen@twofishdivers.com) and finally we have had the time and resources (lift bags and spare dive guides!) to get them into place out the front of the resort.

It was a group effort by Gizmo, Helen, Steven and Opo to get them onto the speedboat, into the water and then using the lift bags lowering them slowly and  carefully get into place. We had previously chosen an area that we thought would be perfect for laying down the items that we had developed for the artificial reef – sandy/rubble bottom that is pretty flat and also has some existing topography surrounding it so different marine life is already attracted to the area. It was quite hard work, ensuring that they were placed in the best positions possible but we have managed to secure them into position. We plan to check on them regularly to see what life has moved in and will report back what we find!!

Putting in the Cleaning Stations 3240x4320

We are always open to suggestions here at Two Fish, so please let us know if you have any ideas for ‘things’ we can put into our house reef in order to try and attract some new critters and create a nice habitat for the existing ones!!


27 May / 2010
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That got your attention didn’t it??!! We regularly enjoy dives out the front of the resort on our house reef and it is nice that on every dive we see something new that we haven’t seen out there before.  On one dive recently we encountered a few lovely Nudibranchs that inhabit The Lembeh Strait and thought you may want to know a little more about them! Gizmo was happy to try out his new camera on these willing models – with some great results!

The Glossodoris cinta is a fairly common nudibranch but it differs in its coloration  depending on where it is found. The Indonesian variation has a brownish body, gills and rhinophores whitely dotted, with double yellow and blue rim around the outer edge of the mantle – just like to one here!! If you look closely you can see a small Emperor Shrimp taking a ride on its back. We found him at appoximately 22m on coral rubble patch.

Chelidonura amoena are a type of  "headshield slug", that come from the Aglajida family. They are found in Indo-Pacific region. We found this one in the shallows along with another pair, from we have read about these Nudis, by finding them in a group it was obviously coming into mating time!!!



It always pays to look at everything you see when diving carefully . On close inspection of this photo of a Hypselodoris bullockii, you can see a tiny gobie hanging onto its side. It is usual for these Nudibranch to have yellow gills and rhinophores but its main body can vary from white to pink to this lovely purple shade.

We’ll keep posting updates on the critters on our house reef and also the progress with the artificial reef! Thanks for reading!


24 May / 2010
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As some of you may know, since arriving at Two Fish Divers we have been planning and developing ideas for our building an artificial reef on our house reef and we have finally had some time to build the first of the structures and get them into the water!!

From our time here in Lembeh, we have seen that car tyres make an excellent hide-out for variouHouse Reef 005s kinds of shrimps to hang out in and so therefore attract other creatures such as Moray eels and Lionfish who fancy a good clean from the shrimps!! So we brought in a few old tyres and got to work on building some structures that would stay in position once we had transferred them to the water by roping them together.

When placing artificial structures into the water it is important to construct something that has plenty of crevices that allow creatures to hide from predators. AlsBuilding the Cleaning Stations 1024x768-3o by using rope to tie the tyres together, it also provides a great material for sponges to grow on. As you can see Scubi was eager to lend a helping hand as well but his knot-tying abilities weren’t really up to scratch!!

We’ll report again once we have placed the structures on to the House Reef!!

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