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27 Jun / 2015
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Diving Japanese Wreck in BaliThis week on Mainland Bali: we have been doing a number of daytrips around Bali mainland and on one particular trip to the Japanese Wreck in Bali we found some incredible critters.
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26 Jun / 2015
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Frogfish Diving LembehThis week in Lembeh…. Lembeh is where Frogfish shine! Like this Juvenile Painted Frogfish, they have been popping up everywhere lately. Hairy, Giant, Painted, Warty, all have been making an appearance. Always a favorite with divers the frogfish come is all sorts of colours, markings and sizes. They often blend in quite well with their surroundings, but not always…. Sometimes they really stand out. Makes you think “Who are you trying to fool!?” While fishing, sleeping, yawning or doing anything else, slow and steady is the case with them. Rarely will they be in a rush for anything.
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24 Jun / 2015
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Lazy Sharks In LembonganThis week in Lembongan… While diving at Manta Point, our divers were lucky to spot this lazy bamboo shark lounging around in the open. 
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24 Jun / 2015
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Diving South LombokThis week in the South Gili Islands, Lombok … we saw a growing number of Flabellina funeka. The purple lady nudibranch or Flabellina funeka, is a species of aeolid nudibranch, and is a very colourful sea slug. It is usually smaller than 45 mm. It has annulate purple rhinophores with pale tips.

The bright colours of the purple lady serve to advertise to predators that it is toxic.

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23 Jun / 2015
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Lembeh’s Nudibranchs

bunaken nudibranchThis week in Bunaken… We have had a nudilicious time here in Bunaken this week! With nice and calm conditions and not much current to speak of it was easy for the guides and guests to take their time and find plenty of amazing, colourful and rare nudibranchs hiding in the cracks and crevices on the reef. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)
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