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23 Jun / 2015
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Lembeh’s Nudibranchs

bunaken nudibranchThis week in Bunaken… We have had a nudilicious time here in Bunaken this week! With nice and calm conditions and not much current to speak of it was easy for the guides and guests to take their time and find plenty of amazing, colourful and rare nudibranchs hiding in the cracks and crevices on the reef. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)
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20 Jun / 2015
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imageThis week in Bali, A familiar face of one of the cousins of the Lembeh Residents! Bali’s dive sites so often remind us of Lembeh with so many similarities in life forms just like this Tube Dwelling Anemone. Whiles muck diving here we have been finding a number of species which we so often see in Lembeh.
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19 Jun / 2015
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Sea Horse in Lembeh Strait, MonadoThis week in Lembeh…… We Sea–Horses! Recently a fairly common site our guests have been noticing are the abundance of Seahorses around the strait. From the tiny Pygmy to the much much larger Common Seahorse, they can come in all sorts of forms. The Pygmy’s can range from brown to yellow to pink/purple they ranging from 1cm-3cm. Where as the Common and thorny seahorses regularly range from 17cm-20cm. Unfortunately they are highly prized in the aquarium trade which adds to the rarity to see them in their natural habitat. Though at the moment spotting them here isn’t difficult.

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19 Jun / 2015
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Diving Belongas Bay in South LombokBelongas, South Lombok is known for its big waves, deep waters, strong surge and strong currents in season. Now most of us divers have always believed that strong currents equal big fish! Usually this is the case. This week however we have had calm surfaces, light surge, next to nothing with currents and a water temperature of 27ºC. Yet it has been a week of everything we could possibly want and far from what was expected at this time of year.
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18 Jun / 2015
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This week in south gilis Lombok … The ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) or Bernis eel is an elegant creature bearing a resemblance to a mythical Chinese dragon with a long, thin body and high dorsal fins.

A couple of weeks ago still black and a junior and now grown up he has changed colour to a shiny blue.

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