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08 May / 2015
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Puff?….Puff?….Nah Pass…This week in Lembeh…. Puff?….Puff?….Nah Pass… One thing we do not lack here in the Lembeh strait diving is puffer fish. Like this juvenile star puffer fish they can come in an assortment of colors, patterns, and sizes. Ranging from <5cm to >100cm these slow and awkward fish have an odd method of defense. Though preferring to run away, puffer fish can inflate their bodies in attempt to become too large for a predator to eat. They do this by taking in  large amounts of water, or air if on the surface, which can increase their size by 2-3 times! This does put quite a lot of stress on the puffers body and in the case of inflating with air, can be very dangerous for the puffer. As with any marine creature it is very discouraged to harass them to prompt this behavior.  These cute and passive fish should be enjoyed by viewing from a distance, allowing them to enjoy a hassle free day.
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07 May / 2015
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Ornate Ghostpipefish - Solenostomus paradoxus

This week in Lombok … last week we saw ornate ghostpipefish, as well as some other favourites like Crocodilefish, Orangutan Crab, Leaffish and so much more!!
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06 May / 2015
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This week in Lembongan… Our boat crew was very lucky at Manta Point, while all the divers were searching for mantas in the water the crew on the boat saw a small whale shark passing by.

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05 May / 2015
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Polish guests Jarek and Tomasz, came diving with us this week: Jarek did his AOW with Ina so Tomasz felt left out and signed up for TDI Intro to Tech Diving and Advanced Nitrox courses. 

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04 May / 2015
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Pygmy seahorses - big loveThis week in Bunaken… Big love sometimes come in small packages. Guillermo from Belgium together with Dive Guides at Two Fish Divers Opel got to witness two Pontohi pygmy seahorses in a beautiful dance. The little lovers swam around each other for a few minutes and ended up holding tails hooked on to a bit of coral. We are crossing our fingers for pygmy-pygmy seahorses soon! Thank you Guillermo for the photo. Do you only sea one seahorse? The second one is upside down, like a mirror of the top one!
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