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27 Jun / 2013
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KARA DIVEMASTERAfter three weeks in Bunaken and one week in Lembongan, I am finally a divemaster!

It’s an amazing feeling to have accomplished so much in one short month with the help of my experienced teachers at Two Fish.
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18 Jun / 2013
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advanced trimix course in bunakenOur last dive in the advanced trimix course in Bunaken, Bunaken island to 100m took us almost two hours. Usain Bolt runs 100 meters in less than 10 seconds and could probably run another 100 at the same pace!
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17 Jun / 2013

KARA DIVEMASTERArrived a few days ago, and I’m starting to get into the flow of how the Two Fish resort in Lembongan works. 
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10 Jun / 2013
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Being a Divemaster-in-training has been more challenging than I anticipated, but I’m also learning a lot more about different types of diving, dive operations, and teaching divers than I thought I would.  
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05 Jun / 2013
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Theresia divemasterArriving in Bunaken was like coming home even without having been here before. The early morning landing in Manado made me arrive at the resort at 7am, perfect for having breakfast, getting familiar and doing the first dive at 11 that day. What a great way to start my 6 weeks here in Bunaken.
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