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25 May / 2015
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Black Is Back!!This week in lembeh…… Black Is Back!! Not to sound redundant but it is worth mentioning, This is the Second Black hairy frogfish seen this year! This rare color variation of the hairy frogfish is an incredible find. So far they have been seen nestled near big groups of fire urchins. Our guests didn’t know what to look at because 5 meters away a mimic octopus was swimming about as well!
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21 May / 2015
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Pygmy Seahorses in South Lombok

This week in Lombok … we have pygmy seahorses!! The pygmy seahorse is both tiny and well camouflaged. Typically measuring less than 2 centimetres in height. It is very difficult to spot amongst the sea grasses, soft corals or sea fans that it inhabits. Last week our PADI Divemasters Rein and Andi spotted 8 of them in different pinkish sea fans.
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20 May / 2015
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Mola Mola At Crystal Bay In NUsa LembonganThis week in Lembongan… They seem to be here already – Molas in Crystal Bay. The quite cold upwellings (18°C) in Crystal Bay have brought the Mola to shallower parts of the ocean where our divers could witness them being cleaned.
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18 May / 2015
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Tech Intro and Sidemount try out

This week in Tech… We have done Tech Intro and Sidemount try out in the pool this week. We have a couple of return customers staying with us at the moment who were keen to get in the pool and try something different.
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17 May / 2015
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Babies-everywhere.jpgThis week in Bunaken… Divers have started to see the result of all the eggs that were seen over the last couple of months. Now there are babies everywhere! The tiniest little Nemos hiding away in anemones, golden damsel fish blending in with fan corals and the most gorgeous little cuttlefish babies stood their ground against the divers during a PADI specialty night dive. Thank you Phil Clarke for the beautiful photo of a mama Nemo protecting her eggs!

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