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Giant FrogfishThis week here on the Gili’s, North Lombok we have been seeing a rise in Giant Frogfish. The first spot we had was a few weeks ago at Hans Reef and then nothing, but then this week we had a spot of this black variation at Gili Meno slope followed by a Red variation at the Home Reef Gili Air! All of these being a fairly big size hiding with feather stars or sponges and on artificial reefs.

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07 Oct / 2016

rhinopias scorpion fish in amed's house reefAmed’s House Reef is teeming with life at the moment: we’ve been spotting families of ornate ghost pipefish regularly, and a few days ago, this brightly colored Rhinopias (weedy scorpion fish) made his home here (thanks Nina Banks for the picture). Not enough? There have been blue-ringed octopus, too.

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engagement ring fish lembehThe rare Engagement Ring Fish was spotted in Lembeh this week after Will arranged for a beautiful underwater proposal to Jo. The ring was placed in a Giant Clamshell and left for Jo to discover. After she check-marked “YES” on a provided slate, they received underwater congratulations from 15 fellow Two Fish divers. It was an unforgettable proposal to everyone present, and one guest admitted to even tearing up a bit in her mask… Two Fish sends a huge congratulations to Will, Jo and their families on their beautiful engagement!
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30 Sep / 2016
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Everything Halimeda this weekEverything Halimeda is impressing Two Fish divers in Lembeh this week! If you are not already familiar with the small green leaves of Halimeda Algae, there’s good reason to become acquainted on your next visit to Lembeh. Halimeda Ghostpipefish are just one example of the rare and beautiful creatures that hang out in beds of Halimeda. Called Ghostpipefish because of their uncanny ability to disappear and reappear like an apparition, the Halimeda Ghostpipefish does a perfect impersonation of the algae that it camouflages against.
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16 Sep / 2016
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frogfishThis week in Amed, Two Fish Divers organized lot of dive trips in Padang Bay. Padang Bay muck diving is comparable to Lembeh. Our fun divers Rob and Peter joined the trip, because they are macro lovers. They could go on the dive site Jetty and spot lots of critters such like frogfishes, gurnard lionfishes or ghost pipefishes.

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