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25 Jun / 2011
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Abba dive site in Bunaken is getting better and better for Muck diving!! Yesterday we saw a flamboyant cuttlefish!!


These beautiful cuttlefish get their name from the flamboyant pink, yellow and black ripples they make with their bodies when alarmed.
This small cuttlefish is just 8cm (3in) in length.
They are found in northern Australia and Indonesia.
A tropical species with limited distribution, it is found on the seabed in shallow waters.
Small fish and crustaceans.
Active in the day the cuttlefish uses vision to detect its prey. It’s capable of rapid colour change that might be used to confuse predators or prey.
Like other cephalopods, the flamboyant cuttlefish breeds once and then dies.

11 Feb / 2011
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Great morning dives, four sea horses, octopus (eating a crab), demon stinger scorpionfish, zebra batfish ( the juvenile!), robust pipefish… and two hairy frogfish!!Great last dive for Flavia!


21 Jul / 2010
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Back in February 2010, we had a group of Scandinavian divers who informed us of the existence of the ‘Tongue Eating Isopod’ – you may remember Anna’s photograph from anemonefish with Cymothoathe our ‘ Did You Know’ blog ( http://divinglembeh.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/did-you-know-2/) . One of the group was Bent Christensen, an  Aquatic Ecologist and avid (and very talented) underwater and land photographer who has recently informed that he will be coming back to “to document the parasites further” . Even though he plans to spend a lot of time sitting at anemones, staring into the mouths of anemone fish as they try and bite him ( they are just protecting their anemone!) we are sure that he will spend some time enjoying some of the other critters that we have here in Lembeh and also to see if any of the other fish have a tongue-eating parasite living in their mouth!!enlargement of tongue eating isopod

If you would like to check out some more of Bent’s photos from his stay here at Two Fish Lembeh and also at Two Fish Bunaken then follow the link to http://www.pbase.com/borneobent/sulawesi_2010 .


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