/// Course Director Brendon Sing

Award-winning PADI “Gold” Course Director

Take your IDC to a whole new level of professionalism with Brendon Sing

/// Learn from the best

Brendon Sing has been a PADI Course Director for almost 5 years and has been awarded the status of PADI “GOLD” Course Director. He has taught over 300 PADI Instructor programs with a 100% pass rate, and his IDCs have won various awards.

Extremely enthusiastic about diving and teaching, Brendon will take your IDC up to a whole new level of professionalism and realism. Brendon does not just teach you to pass an Instructor Examination, he will guide you to become a successful PADI Instructor in the real working world. As a very active diver and diving educator for more than 10 years, if it is experience you expect from a PADI Course Director, you’ve got it!

Brendon is also a TEC Instructor and Rebreather Diver, and all candidates are offered free Intro to TEC Diving and a try-it dive on his Megladon rebreather, and this is supported by a workshop on Tec diving. We believe that PADI professionals should be informed and stay up-to-date on diving technologies even if you are not a TEC/Rebreather diver. This will help you understand and prepare for all types of different equipment configurations you may come across such as rebreathers, long hoses, etc.

/// Achievements & Awards

Brendon Sing has received the “PADI Recognition of Excellence” three times ! These awards are granted to the PADI Course Director for a high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and customer service that exceeds the standard in their Instructor training programs. These awards are granted upon receiving positive feedback from IDC candidates by random PADI quality control procedures and surveys. To receive this PADI Award 3 times is extraordinary!

Brendon has also recently achieved the PADI “GOLD” Course Director status. This achievement award is granted to PADI Course Directors who have the highest success rate of PADI Instructor programs and have a strong continued education program for advancing career options for PADI Instructors.

/// Up to Date – Receive the latest PADI information

Brendon CONSTANTLY updates all his teaching presentations for the IDC to cover the most recent developments in PADI programs and in the diving industry. Additionally, Brendon provides access to the latest PADI products and materials that enhances digital media and presentations. When you successfully complete the IDC with Brendon, you will have the most recent information and advanced PADI Instructor training available anywhere on the globe.

/// Start Teaching after the IE – JOB PLACEMENTS!

Brendon can provide you with several opportunities to start working as a PADI Instructor. Whether you are looking for full time or part time work, there are endless possibilities. most of Brendon’s past IDC candidates have full time Instructor positions all over the world including the Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Mozambique.. and many more. Brendon keeps close contact with several dive shops and managers all over the world who are looking for PADI Instructors. With Brendon’s professional reputation, dive center owners and managers often contact Brendon for prospect PADI Instructors.

/// Having FUN!

You may have heard that the IDC is very intensive as a course, and it is, but it must also be FUN!… otherwise it would not work! Hard work and great fun is what its all about when doing the IDC with Brendon. Every IDC is unique and special, that is what you, the IDC candidate brings to the IDC program. Everybody has unique strengths and weaknesses. During the IDC we highly encourage team work while you work closely with the IDC staff.

Oceans covers 70% of our planet. As a PADI Instructor your working locations and possibilities are endless

Continue to work with Brendon after your IDC to further develop your knowledge and skills to be better and more valuable than the next instructor. For more information on job placements, please contact us

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