/// IDC Schedule

Instructor Development Course (IDC)
Schedule for 2014

Become a PADI Pro with Two Fish Divers

We run IDCs programs almost every month with the IDC held in Bunaken and the MSDT in Lembeh.

Flexibility – although we have these schedules, we can run these IDC programs anytime to suite individual schedules, please email for more details.

MSDT – Each idc schedule below is followed by the optional PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Course (MSDT) over 3-4 days. Candidates choose 5 PADI Specialty courses that they would like to teach, and programs are conducted that teaches the candidates how to organize and teach these courses. The MSDT program includes several dives, depending on the specialties chosen.

IDC Staff Instructor – this is conducted in conjunction with every IDC program. The IDC Staff Instructor course starts the same time as the IDC prep Program until the end of the IDC Curriculum.
idc schedule

IDC Presentations* EFRI IDC IE MSDT

January 2014

21-22 Jan

23 Jan

24 Jan – 3 Feb

4-5 Feb

6-8 Feb

March 2014

26-27 Feb

28 Feb

1-10 Mar

11-12 Mar

13-15 Mar

July 2014

16-17 Jul

18 Jul

19-28 Jul

29-30 Jul

31 Jul – 2 Aug

August 2014

20-21 Aug

22 Aug

23 Aug – 1 Sep

2-3 Sep

4-7 Sep

* IDC PRESENTATIONS: The 2-day IDC Presentation can be done online via eLearning (see below for more details), the IDC Presentation dates listed above are therefore only for those IDC candidates who have NOT done the IDC Presentation via eLearning.

More about IDC Presentations & eLearning


Part of the IDC can be done on-line with eLearning. If you complete this elearning then you do not have to attend the 2-day IDC Presentations.

You can start the eLearning once you have got yourself the IDC crew pack. Just go onto the PADI website and click on the link ‘E-Learning’, select the IDC course and get started! You need to select ‘Two Fish Divers’ as the dive center so that we can record and monitor your progress and help with any questions that you may have.

/// The main advantages of doing the E-Learning option include:

  • Getting familiar with materials and the course outline before you start the IDC
  • You can participate on the On-Line presentations at your own time whenever, and where ever you want
  • Save 2 days of the IDC and go fun diving instead, and we’ll only charge you €15/dive – thats almost 50% discount on the normal price of fun diving in one of the best dive locations in Indonesia!
  • Less theory presentations and more water work and teaching workshops during the IDC course

/// Cost of eLearning

It costs US$300 to register for the IDC eLearning, BUT you save 2 days on the IDC (don’t have to attend the IDC Presentations), AND we’ll give you €100 discount on the price of the IDC.

To begin eLearning click on the banner above.

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