/// Dive Insurance

Get your Dive Insurance on Arrival in Bunaken, Lembeh or Lembongan

Dive Indonesia with confidence and peace of mind

/// Dive insurance on Arrival

dive insurance

You can Purchase Dive Insurance from us when you arrive.

The insurance is provided by Dive Masters, UK and it can be purchased online with us and you will be instantly covered. The following rates will apply:

  • Daily IDR85,000
  • Weekly IDR420,000
  • 2Weekly IDR640,000
  • Monthly IDR830,000
  • Annual on request

Purchasing online is easy when you arrive, and it will be effective immediately from the day that you arrive. Valid for any dive holiday!

This is international insurance, if you buy Monthly or Annually it is available for any dive holiday in the world.

/// Dive Insurance and Decompression Chamber Costs

dive insurance

In North Sulawesi there is a professionally run decompression chamber in Manado, and it is under the management of Hyperbaric Health, Australia (HHA).

They keep it regularly maintained and serviced, and they send the doctors and assistants to Australia for (re)training. To pay for this, HHA have set the chamber fees quite high:

  • Chamber Table 6 (5 hours) US$4,000
  • Chamber Table 5 (2 hours) US$2,400
  • Doctor US$500 per case
  • Extensions US$800 per extension

If you already have dive insurance, these chamber costs will be met by your insurance company. However, if you do not already have dive insurance, you will have to pay the above fees yourself, and a credit card will be needed to guarantee payment before any treatment is provided.

We therefore recommend dive insurance, and at €22 per week it is not very expensive for the piece of mind you will get.

/// Free Insurance for Open Water Students

dive insurance

We realise that this is all new for new divers, and aim to make learning process easy and carefree for beginners.

As part of our commitment to dive education, we will provide free insurance to all beginners learning to dive with us.

Insurance worth more than €10 for free for those on Discover Scuba Diver, Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver courses is included free of charge.

After the course, further insurance can be provided at our competitive rates as advertised.

/// More about our Dive Insurance

dive insuranceWe have partnered with Dive Master Insurance in the UK to provide sport diving injury insurance with worldwide coverage to our guests for accidents and injuries resulting from sport diving.

/// Emergency Medical Assistance

The insurance includes 24 hour multi-lingual assistance provided by One Assist, which staffs its phone lines with assistance co-ordinators who liaise with specialist diving doctors to ensure the patient receives the correct treatment for their diving injury. Cover also includes emergency evacuation from remote areas, repatriation using the best means possible and many more benefits besides.

Emergency Assistance

/// Depth/Experience Limits

Subject always to your Authoritative Diving Bodies recommendations for safe diving practice and unless otherwise endorsed (eg PADI, CMAS, TDI, BSAC, etc), this insurance excludes:

  1. Sports Diving using compressed air, enriched air “nitrox” or other variable breathing gas where the Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PPO2) within the breathing gas exceeds 1.4 bar, and/or exceeding 80 metres for unsupported dives and/or 130 metres for supported dives unless underwriters agreement is obtained after a written submission.
  2. A lack of the correct diver certification and/or lack of provable experience by way of your logged dive records where this lack of certification and/or logged experience was directly causative of the Accident/Injury.

/// Unfit to dive Exclusion

When booking travel insurance, divers should look out for Diver-related clauses such the Dive Master’s unfit to dive section. This provides cancellation cover even if you are fit to travel, but unfit to dive. In addition, it also covers for loss of diving days due to illness at resort (prepaid diving that is) as well as loss of equipment up to £1000. It is these little details that can mean a big difference.

/// Types of Insurance Policies

Insurance for Short TripsScubamedic insurance provides cover for daily, weekly, two week and monthly periods. This type of policy is designed for a one-off trip of up to a few weeks.
Scubamedic Short-term

Download Short Trip Policy Document

Annual InsuranceInternational Diving Emergency Card (IDEC) insurance provides annual cover for multi-trips.
IDEC Annual

Download Annual Policy Document

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