/// Dive Safari

Dive Safaris in Indonesia: Why choose just one destination?

you can experience Indonesia’s best diving locations with Two Fish Divers

Dive safaris in Sulawesi, Bali & Lombok

Indonesia dive safari map

/// Indo Dive Safari with us

Dive Safari in Manado, Bali, LombokHaving trouble deciding which of our locations you want to visit first? Want to try all four? Diving with Two Fish Divers means that you can book several stunning scuba diving locations with the same world-class operator in one holiday.
  • Dive both Bunaken and Lembeh, they are only 3hours apart from each other
  • Start or finish in Bali, its only a 3hour flight from either Bunaken and Lembeh.
  • Add on South Lombok, its only a 3hour ferry ride from Lembongan.

Why not try all locations?

You can commence your safari at any of our locations and continue to the next location at any time in any direction.

/// Full service

We can book all the necessary transfers via internal flights and boats, as well as organise all your airport pickups & drops. All you need to do is dive!
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