/// Bunaken-Lembeh dive safari

Experience amazing reefs and crazy critters

with a Bunaken-Lembeh Dive Safari

If you are going to visit either Bunaken or Lembeh, then why not add on the other and make a Bunaken-Lembeh Dive Safari?
They are only 3-4 hours by car & boat from each other so its easy to combo these two locations in the same holiday.

read below for the type of diving you will experience, a sample itinerary and an overview of accommodation available

/// What type of diving will I experience and what will I see?

On this fanastic safari you’ll get to see the best of Bunaken and Lembeh!

In Bunaken

The dramatic drop-offs offer a huge variety of soft and hard corals that offer a home to an abundance of reef fish such as fusiliers, butterflyfish, sweetlips, cardinal fish and damsel fish.

Turtles, barracudas and reef sharks call the reefs their home as well, and you can also find wall-critters such as scorpion fish, nudibranch, lionfish, and seahorses hidden on the walls.

In Lembeh

It is one of the few places in the world where you will see the elusive hairy frog fish, pygmy sea horses, larger sea horses like the thorny seahorse, mimic octopus, wunderpus and flamboyant cuttlefish to name a few.

This is why its known as the muck diving capital of the world. Lembeh also has some fascinating ship wrecks. They are covered in both corals and creatures making them fantastic to explore.

The above is a selection of images taken from each location. To find out more about the diving in each location, click the links below.

Diving in Bunaken

Diving in Lembeh

/// Sample Package

The example schedule below uses the package 6nts/5diving-days in Lembeh and 6nts/5diving-days in Bunaken as an example.

2weeks Bunaken-Lembeh

Day 1 Arrive in Manado transfer to Lembeh by car and boat
Day 2 dive Lembeh
Day 3 dive Lembeh
Day 4 dive Lembeh
Day 5 dive Lembeh
Day 6 dive Lembeh
Day 7 Transfer to Bunaken by boat, car and boat, total time approx 3 hours.*
Day 8 dive Bunaken
Day 9 dive Bunaken
Day 10 dive Bunaken
Day 11 dive Bunaken
Day 12 dive Bunaken
Day 13 depart Bunaken, transfer to the airport by boat and car.

Bunaken-Lembeh Dive Safari

/// Transfer Considerations

Arrival airport

Manado (MDC). Try to get a flight which arrives before 3pm in order to make a direct transfer to the island.

Bonus for this combo

Free afternoon dive in each Bunaken and Lembeh. Free night dive in either Bunaken or Lembeh.

Transfer day

You choose to have this as a dry day; a sightseeing day; or a diving day.
Diving day!

  • Dive before departing Bunaken and arrive in Lembeh at approx 5pm, OR

  • depart from Bunaken in the morning and arrive in Lembeh at lunch time, and dive Lembeh in the afternoon and evening.

Wet gear

We’ll provide you with a bag to transport your wet equipment.

Flexible number of dives

Choose from two, three or four dives per day.

Flexible itinerary

Start in either location, chose to spend longer in one location. We can tailor-make any package for you.

/// Schedule with late flight

The example schedule below uses the same 6nts/5diving-days in Bunaken and 6nts/5diving-days in Lembeh, adjusted to show you how it will be affected if you fly in and out of Manado with flights times that DO require you to overnight in Manado.

2weeks Bunaken-Lembeh
With overnight stay in Manado

Day 1 Arrive Manado airport, overnight in Manado
Day 2 Transfer to Bunaken 7am, diving in Bunaken
Day 3 dive Bunaken
Day 4 dive Bunaken
Day 5 dive Bunaken
Day 6 dive Bunaken
Day 7 Transfer to Lembeh by boat, car and boat, total time approx 3 hours.*
Day 8 dive Lembeh
Day 9 dive Lembeh
Day 10 dive Lembeh
Day 11 dive Lembeh
Day 12 Transfer to Manado by boat and car, and overnight in Manado
Day 13 Transfer to the airport by car.

/// Full service

We can book all the necessary transfers via internal flights and boats, as well as organise all your airport pickups & drops, and any necessary hotels in Manado for an overnight stay. All you need to do is dive!

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