Dive Against Debris on my Eco Divemaster Internship

Dive Against DebrisAs rubbish in our oceans is a big problem, and as part of my Eco Divemaster Internship I had to organize a Project Aware Dive Against Debris reef cleaning.  So last Friday an intrepid group of 8 divers (some were even volunteers) went to one of the Two Fish dive sites and after I gave my first dive briefing, we descended into what looked to be basically an underwater rubbish dump.

My last DMT blog because it’s over!

My last DMT blog because it’s over!Yes, it’s true! I finished my Dive Master Training this week! I am a DM!! Something that I have wanted to do and wasn’t really sure I really would ever really get to do, is done. That’s a great feeling. So my 8 weeks of listening, learning, carrying tanks early in the am and pm, setting up gear, carrying gear, assisting my GREAT instructors, reading PADI books, watching videos, taking exams, learning how to help/assist/support clients and students with what ever they need whenever, and basically being aware and available to help and do what I can…………… is over. Part of me is sad really and another part is relieved. I am tired. I think the combo of the physical and mental foreign activities and constant state of not knowing what they heck you are doing is tiring. It’s funny because I can’t see the change in myself and my diving, but my husband he says he sees it as well as my instructors have said they have which is so nice to hear. I think in a couple weeks after we leave Two Fish Divers and we are diving elsewhere, I will wake up one day and say WOW, yeah, I really have changed and I really know what I am doing! lol No seriously, I know I have changed but it will be great to continue to work on everything I have learned and put all my skills into practice as we continue our diving honeymoon for the next 9 months.

Muck Diving

Muck DivingI have been SO busy with my DMT course trying to get it all finished, but not rushing things so I really learn and feel comfortable with it all. We are now at the third location of Two Fish Divers in Lembeh Strait, north east tip of North Sulawesi. It is a major shipping port, but we are across the strait on an island, as usual. lol So, here is the land of MUCK diving. Yes, I said muck! What the heck is that? I asked that question months back whilst planning this trip and my MSDT husband was jumping up and down in excitement that my DMT course was going to take us to Lembeh, a photographer’s dream place.

DMT Isabelle – DSD, mapping and a bad back

DMT Isabelle - DSD, mapping and a bad back
This week of my divemaster training was once again a lot of fun, although a little less full on because after my foot injury I managed to give myself a back injury… Not even lifting tanks the wrong way, just simply by pushing it with my legs bent and somehow I must have pulled something in my lower back since I heard a crack… So during those dry days I took my theory exam and standards exam and passed both. After a couple of days everything got into place with my back problems and now it’s business as usual.