Sylvia Divemaster TraineeTo summarize my second week in Lembeh: it was very busy, tons of fun, in some times very disgusting (but rewarding) and I learned a lot.

The week started off with a beach clean up. When we came up from a dive on the house reef that morning, a truckload of rubbish had washed up on the beach. So during our service interval we organised a spontaneous beach clean up. In the afternoon we sorted everything (this was obviously the disgusting part) and collected data to send to Project Aware. We collected 53 kilo’s of trash, mainly consisting of plastic drinking cups (approx. 1000) and food wrappers. We did also find a yellow plastic rooster, a toy truck, 3 diapers and other weird stuff.


Karoline Divemaster InternMy DM internship is slowly coming to an end. I had a great last week.

We had an Open Water Course with three participants going on and I was able to assist in it. So great to see the big steps the students took during their course. I’m now done with all the exams, swimming tests and so on. Just some little bits and pieces missing, those we will do today or tomorrow and then my DM internship will be over.


Sylvia Divemaster TraineeAfter I arrived, I had a day of fun diving. It was a really nice day with 3 spectacular dives: 2 Bargibanti Pygmee’s on the first, 5 (yes five) frogfish on the second and a pygmee squid, which I had never seen before. And than the night dive at Jahir: in the first ten minutes we were so lucky to see: a stargazer, a reptilian snake eel and a bobbit worm (also a first for me J). And even though that was amazing it didn’t stop. We also saw 4 coconut octopuses, 2 ambon scorpionfish, 2 frogfish, another stargazer and many more critters. What a great welcome back!


Theresia in ManadoToday I am with Two Fish for 2 months. Time passed by really fast and it seems like I have just arrived. Another exciting week in Lembeh. Lewis and I have placed the pyramid we have made and so extended the creation of the artificial house reef. It was rather difficult as the floating wood wanted to go back to the surface until we finally attached it to the concrete block we have placed on 15 m already the week before. It looks quite nice and some fish already started checking out our new creations. A Goby already made the pipe structure made by Sylvie and Joep his new home. The next day we went down again to measure the site and amend the map of the reef creation.


Imogen Divemaster InternHaving been diving since the age of ten, it has been a passion of mine for a very long time and I’ve always known that I wanted to see my diving education through to the very end. Now, fresh out of A levels and just turned eighteen, I decided to fly to the other side of the world from the (oddly) sunny England to the lovely islands of Indonesia, specifically Bunaken and Lembeh off Sulawesi, to do my Divemaster course.

Divemaster Internship in Bunaken – week2 report from John

Week 1 of Divemaster Internship in Bunaken

Another week done as a divemaster intern. Halfway there. Wow .. how much I’ve learned! I spent time with instructor Dion in a Rescue Diver course, and was happy to both observe the skills and get some practice and refresher myself. We worked in both the confined environment of the swimming pool and then took it all to the open water and performed the skills there. There were instructional deep dives, drift dives, navigation dives, and even managed a little fun diving 🙂

Divemaster Internship in Bunaken – week 1 report from John

Week 1 of Divemaster Internship in Bunaken

And so one gets to spend his 51st birthday diving, studying diving skills, getting underwater experience, new knowledge of marine life, new friends … and a school of dolphins frolicking on the surface after a dive! It overwhelms the emotions to think of the winter I left behind and the warmth I find myself in.

Week 4 of Eco Divemaster Internship, almost finished!

Sarah Divemaster internshipWeek 4 of Eco Divemaster Internship now in Bunaken

What an eventful week this last week of my Eco Divemaster Internship has been!

The week began with assisting my instructor Dion on Eli’s Junior Open Water course. This was my first experience assisting on a whole Open Water course and it was very rewarding. I will never forget Eli’s first time under water. He was a bit stressed at the surface from salt water getting in his eyes but as soon as we pointed out a turtle swimming past he completely relaxed. For the rest of the dive every so often I could hear a muffled “wow” coming out of his regulator.