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13 Jan / 2016
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3 ways to easily get your scuba certificationMany people who learn to dive do so while on holiday because many vacation destinations offer warm water and fantastic tropical marine life.

However, while learning how to dive in an exotic place is definitely a fun experience, how can you do this without devoting your whole holiday to your scuba certification?

You actually have the choice of 3 ways to easily learn to dive, and two of them will help save some valuable vacation days.
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28 Nov / 2015
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imageThis week in Bali: we have had great weather and blue skys and the water has been blue as well. Leaf fish in a few variations have been spotted all around Bali.
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29 Sep / 2014
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PADI Open Water CourseDivers managing their air consumption is one of the most important skills that they have. Yes this was part of the ‘classic’ Open Water course but now even more focus has been placed on air management in the new PADI Open Water course.
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21 Sep / 2014
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PADI Open Water CourseThe new PADI Open Water course has a new big push on safety and there have been some new skills added which reflect this. These new skill revolve around safety equipment, giving the newly certified divers the skills and knowledge to help keep them stay safe.

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14 Sep / 2014
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New PADI Open Water Course Skills - Mini DiveThe mini-dive is a new addition to the confined water section of the new PADI Open Water Course skills. This is where student divers plan a simulated dive in a controlled environment with the assistants of their instructor. To make dive planning even easier, students now have the dive planning slate that walks them through all the steps of dive planning.

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