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03 Jul / 2014
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The Adventures of DMT Chris - King of Problem SolvingThree weeks done, three to go. Time flies when you are diving and studying all day, every day. That’s a good thing I guess, it means I’m having fun. But it’s also a bit sad, since it means that I’m going home soon.

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25 Jun / 2014
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The Adventures of Ben: Swimming, Guiding, Rescues and Mantas

The Adventures of Ben: Swim Tests, Guiding and Mantas!

Having welcomed Chris last week, it’s now time to welcome Divemaster Trainee Anna from Zurich.  Anna will do her Rescue course before starting her DM Course and as I have my Rescue Assessment in next couple of days, time assisting on Anna’s rescue course will be great for me!

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18 Jun / 2014
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The last week as a Divemaster Trainee (DMT) has flown by!

First, a big welcome to Chris from Norway, who started his DMT this week.  It’s great to have a DMT buddy to work and dive with!

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11 Jun / 2014
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Hi there Two Fish BlogDivemaster Internship In Lembongan – Report 1 From Bengers.  My name is Ben from the United Kingdom and I am one week into my four week Divemaster internship on the beautiful island of Lembongan. I recently moved from Singapore to Shanghai and with a bit of time on my hands I decided it was time to do the DM course.
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14 May / 2014
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BADEN FINISHES HIS DIVEMASTER7 weeks of diving down! Finished both my rescue diving course and my Divemaster. Its sad to say goodbye to all the new friends I’ve made but I hope to see everybody somewhere down the track. 
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