Week One – Gio’s Divemaster course in Bunaken

PADI divemaster course with Two Fish DiversIt’s been a week since I arrived at Two Fish Divers in Bunaken, where I plan to complete my PADI Divemaster course. Here are first impressions: the course sure keeps me busy, but I still managed to read a business magazine (old habits die hard!) in the evening to fall asleep. I have opted for a condensed three-week programme which has been off to a full-on start.

One of my favourite things to do so far has been practising the 24 basic dive skills and learning more about teaching other divers. Personally, I have been diving for four years already, which turns out to be long enough to pick up a few bad habits. If my first week is anything to go by, this course will definitely help me get back on track.

Week Three – Scott’s Divemaster course in Bunaken

Divemaster trainee ScottWhat a way to start the third week of my divemaster course in Bunaken! After surfacing from a fantastic dive, our captain tells us there’s been a pod of dolphins swimming by. He drives the boat over to where a pod of around 20 dolphins are cruising. They start playfully swimming with the boat for about 10 minutes or so before deciding they’ve had enough and we part ways. Wow!

Scott’s Divemaster course in Bunaken – Week Two

Week Two - Scott's Divemaster course in BunakenAs a Divemaster you need to be prepared to deal with stressful situations, and this week during my divemaster course in Bunaken I was put through my stess test. During the stress test myself and my buddy, one of Two Fish’s Indonesian dive guides, had to swap all our equipment underwater while buddy-breathing (one regulator between two divers) and being ‘challenged’ by our instructors. I’m not really someone who ever feels stressed but this was quite difficult at times, especially when they’re constantly spraying bubbles in your face or stealing your mask!

Guillermo our Divemaster Trainee goodbye in South Lombok

Guillermo our Divemaster trainnee says goodbye in South Lombok

Time has come for me to move to Bunaken (North Sulawesi), which is the next location of my Divemaster internship. I actually chose to do my Divemaster internship with TwoFish Divers because of the fact that it can be done in several fantastic locations in Indonesia. Another clear benefit of this multi location approach is that it also allows the trainee to interact with, and profit from the experience of, a larger pool of instructors, as well as to experience the day-to-day activities of dive centres with different characteristics. Therefore, after my first two weeks in Lombok, I will continue now my training in Bunaken. My third, and last, training location will be Lembeh!

Elise’s Divemaster Training in Bali

Elise's Divemaster Training in BaliThe first two weeks of my Dive Master course went by in the blink of an eye, can’t believe I’m halfway through already! To give you an idea about this 2-week-blink I’ll tell you about my experiences so far.

The first half of my Divemaster was in Sanur, Bali mainland, where I started with 4 days of theory and skills practice in the pool with my instructor Reuben. During these days I learned that performing a skill and demonstrating one is a whole different story and how much control in diving I have yet to gain.

Great Diving During Divemaster Course in Lembongan

Great Diving While During Divemaster Course in LembonganThe first fortnight of my DM training as come to a close, along with my time on Nusa Lembongan. It’s with mixed feelings that I head to Two Fish on Bunaken to continue the course: excitement at experiencing new dive sites and working with different instructors yet a sadness in saying goodbye to the fantastic team here, just as I had begun to settle in and get to know everyone and how things work.

PADI Divemaster Training for Carmelo – last week!

PADI Divemaster Training CarmeloThis week I continued my tech diving training with the TDI Deco Procedures course with Dom. I planned two 45m dives with decompression stops. I did those dives in Sidemount which I like much more than the backmounted twinsets. I also practiced a lot of tech skills. Now I know the basics of tech diving :). I really enjoyed the course. Dom is a really experienced instructor and I can only recommend doing this courses with him.

Helena 1 – New Adventures on Divemaster Course in Lembongan

Helena 1 - New Adventures on Divemaster Course in LembonganThe last two weeks of my PADI divemaster training in Lembongan has been truly amazing. I have barely seen such a variety of dive sites that can be explored all from just one dive center!

One day the boat could be heading north to one of the sites with beautiful corals, an abundance of reef fish as well as the occasional turtle and on the next day the boat may head south to find the mantas, the seahorse at crystal bay and if lucky also a mola mola.

PADI Divemaster Carmelo – Week 4

DMT Carmelo - Week 4Last week I tried some technical diving in the pool and the “tech-fever” caught me. So I decided to take some technical courses with Dom. I started with the TDI Advanced Nitrox course. The theory is really interesting. I also planned my first dive to 40m with a stage cylinder. During this dive I saw some big tunas and a black tip shark. Dom also practized a lot of tech-drills with me. I am looking forward to the next course which will be TDI Deco Procedures.

DMT Carmelo – week 2

DMT Carmelo - week 2Time passes so fast here in Bunaken. I have been on this island for four weeks so far and I still love this place. I was quite busy with my Divemaster internship this week. I finished the DM manual and did the final exam. Theory is done 🙂 The last two weeks I practiced the 24 Dive Skills several times with Dom in the pool. I could also see how the other two instructors are conducting the skills during the Open Water courses. So this week was my turn and my Dive Skills were scored by Ina.

Barbara 2 – Finishing up my PADI Divemaster Training

Finishing my PADI Divemaster Training in LembehWoah! Only two more days before Andreas, Thano and I finish our PADI Divemaster Training here in Lembeh with Two Fish Divers. Tomorrow we are organizing the final part of our training – the  AWARE Project. The purpose is to organize an activity promoting environmental awareness, so we are heading out to clean the reef in front of one of the local villages.