DMT Isabelle – DSD, mapping and a bad back

DMT Isabelle - DSD, mapping and a bad back
This week of my divemaster training was once again a lot of fun, although a little less full on because after my foot injury I managed to give myself a back injury… Not even lifting tanks the wrong way, just simply by pushing it with my legs bent and somehow I must have pulled something in my lower back since I heard a crack… So during those dry days I took my theory exam and standards exam and passed both. After a couple of days everything got into place with my back problems and now it’s business as usual.

The Adventures of DMT Hanna – Finishing

The adventures of HannaWhat a week of action! Monday morning started by assisting in an Open Water course in the pool. The afternoon we, some of the customers at the dive resort and several staff members, contributed to the Project AWARE. We went to clean the underwater waste from two diving spots by snorkelling. The week continued by assisting in Rescue course. I was playing again the troubled-diver and we stayed mainly on the surface practicing towing and rescue breathing excercises. The sun was burning hot and left some clearly visible marks on us: in the evening our faces were red like big sweet strawberries.

The Adventures Of DMT Maya – Only Chinese DMT in Lembongan

ChooThe Adventures Of DMT Mayasing Two fish divers for my DMT was a last minute decision. My original plan was going to Thailand where I did my OW and AOW certificates. But just 3 days before I depart, I changed my plan to Lembongan. After a long trip from china, I was super exhausted, but when my little fast boat arrived in Lembongan, the beautiful beach view washed away all my tiredness.