/// Scuba Diving in Belongas Bay

Scuba diving holidays in Belongas Bay, South Lombok

experience exhilarating and challenging dives with Hammerheads

If you want to explore the dive sites around Belongas Bay, South Lombok then you have come to the right place.
We are a PADI 5 Star resort based in Belongas Bay where the sites are only 20 to 30 minutes away.
Below you will find everything you need to know about diving Belongas Bay.
If you are new to Indonesia, then take a look at our supplemental blog about Planning Dive Trips to Indonesia.

/// Highlights of Diving Belongas Bay, South Lombok

  • Here we operate the diving from the Belongas Bay Lodge set in the bay at the village Pangsing. The dive sites are 20 to 30 minutes away from the resort. Some are located out of the bay where we have often high waves and strong currents. Other dive sites are protected by the bay and has milder conditions.
  • The topography of most of the dive sites are pinnacles and enormous bolders.
  • The dive site The Magnet is by now worldwide famous for the hammerhead sharks and its unpredictable currents. The Cathedral is the second dive site situated out of the bay with the same unpredictable conditions. Gili Sarang is the dive site where you can find schooling mobula and eagle rays.

Most of the dive sites are pinnacles sticking out of the surface of the ocean and covered with bright soft corals. The dive sites harbor not only pelagic such as hammerhead sharks, mobula- eagle- and sting rays, white tip reef sharks, barracudas, batfish and sea snakes but also macro life. Nudi branchs, pigmy seahorse and the orang hutan and porcelain crab are only a few of the many different species.

Check out our blog section on South Lombok & Belongas to find out what is happening now.

/// What can I see?

From March till the beginning of June the conditions are fairly mild and the water temperature around 27*C/28*C and the visibility 15m-20m+. In June/July the rougher conditions set in, with mid July till mid September posing the most challenging conditions. During this time of the year the average temperature is around 25*C/26*C, but can also drop down to around 22*C for shorter periods of time, the visibility usually at around 8m-15m+. Starting in the second half of September the conditions normally get less challenging again, but the general conditions such as temperature and visibility remain around the same as during the preceding time.

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/// What is the dive service like?

Our Two Fish dive service includes:

  • Small groups of no more than four guests per dive guide
  • Dive groups are organised according to air consumption and dive experience
  • Expert dive guides who have done thousands of dives around South Lombok
  • All guides are PADI Rescue Diver trained, and there is Oxygen and first aid on every dive boat
  • English speaking friendly crew and dive guides
  • Long dives – we just ask you to surface after 75mins or on 40bar
  • All our dive guides are trained to assist photographers, spotting amazing critters and helping with carrying accessories
  • Wash and store service – all dive gear is loaded onto boats in the morning, and removed and washed after your diving, so all you need to do is DIVE


/// How do I get there?


Click on the map for more info on all our locations and maps.

/// What is the accommodation like?

Belongas Bay Lodge set in the bay at the village Pangsing. The dive sites are 20 to 30 minutes away from the resort.

Find out more about accommodation in Belongas Bay.

Our dive shop is located at Pangsing can be reached within 5 minutes by boat from Teluk Sepi. (lat: -8.865291359283843, long: 116.0557508468628). If you’re coming from Senggigi, the airport or Kuta you will need to go toward Lembar the public ferry harbor. Just before you enter Lembar take a left turn and you’ll be entering Sekotong. Just follow along the road for about 10km and you will come to a little village named Sekotong. Here at the T-intersection follow the signage to Teluk Sepi and turn left. Continue to follow along the road which after maybe 30 minutes will have taken you to the intersection of Belongas Bay, here continue straight and it’s another 5 short minutes before you need to turn right into the harbor. If you are coming on your own it’s best to pre-arrange your arrival with our dive center +62(0)81907852073 ). Our staff will be happy to help you and make sure you arrive at the right place.

/// Indonesia Dive Safari


As we have dive resorts in 5 locations around Indonesia, visiting us means that you can book a Dive Safari of more than one dive location with the same operator in one holiday.

Lembeh You can add a few days to dive Lembeh, another world-class dive-destination that is only 3hours by boat & car from Bunaken
Bali You can start or finish your dive holiday by diving in Bali, its only a 3hour flight from Manado so is easy to add on at the end or beginning of your dive holiday
Lombok You can add-on some diving in Lombok, its only a 30-min flight or 3hour ferry ride from Bali.

/// What else is there to do?

You can take a few days off from diving and explore the local traditional market where you can by tropical fruits and vegetables, fish and meat and house hold articles. From there you drive on and enjoy the stunning white sandy beach at Mekaki Bay. Direction west you can visit the legendary Desert Point at Bangko Bangko which is world wide famous for its excellent surfing.


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/// Want Affordable Packages?

We offer dive & accommodation packages in Belongas Bay. Please click here for our full list of packages available.

/// How do I book?

Complete the form with your dates and any other requests, and we will reply back within 24 hours with availability and prices.

When you are happy to book, all we ask is for a USD100 deposit and we will hold your booking for you.

Please send us your flight details so we can organise the airport pickup.

If you have any other queries about deposits and payments, you may find the answer on our Prices page, and our FAQ page may help with other queries.


We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with DiveZone, a dive operation that has been in South Lombok for more than 10 years, which means that Two Fish guests can also add diving Lombok to their Indonesian dive trips.

We look forward to you diving Belongas Bay with us in the near future!!

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We also have a dive resort on Nusa Lembongan, Bali where Manta rays inhabit the waters all year round and divers have a high chance to dive with these large graceful creatures, so you can have a fantastic pelagic-tastic holiday.
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/// Short hop to the Gili’s

Did you know that its only 2 hours to Senggigi and the Gili’s in the north, AND we have dive resorts/operations there? This makes it easy to visit other amazing locations on Lombok with us!
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