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What to do and see on Lombok island

Lombok is a beautiful island. Although situated only in a short distance – 30 minutes by flight or 1hr by fastboat from Bali, this laid back “paradise” is a world away from its very touristy and overcrowded neighbour island. There is so much to see, to do, to discover and to experience on Lombok. The island is still covered by natural rain forest, jungles, has fantastic, still deserted beaches, which all make Lombok island as one of Indonesia’s famous travel destination. Trekking is a popular activity on Lombok – whether it is climbing Mt Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia or trekking through jungles to find hidden waterfalls, or just taking peaceful strolls through traditional villages and along the edges of rice paddies. You can enjoy on Lombok a vast array of sights, sceneries and experiences of the authentic Lombok life.

here are a few examples of tours we can arrange for you in lombok

Temple Tours

approx 8 hours

We start our trip from Senggigi driving down the coastline to the south stopping at Batu Bolong Temple, which is a Hindu temple built on a black outcrop of rock, facing the island of Bali across the Lombok strait.

From here we drive to Bertais, the largest traditional market in Lombok. From there it’s only a short hop to historical Narmada Park, the summer palace of a former Balinese King of Lombok, built in 1727. From Narmada we proceed to Suranadi to see the complex of three temples. Pura Suranadi is the oldest and holiest of the Balinese temples in Lombok, founded in the 16th century by a Javanese priest. To discover the tropical flora and fauna found on Lombok we will visit Taman Suranadi, a protected nature reserve set on 52 hectares, near the temples.

Lunch at one of the restaurants or better enjoy some delicious sate at one of the lesehan (small cafes) and also try the popular local sweet called Dodol, made from dried fruits, such as jackfruit, papaya or durian. Just a short distance away is Lingsar temple, which is possibly the only place in the world, where Hindus and Moslems come together to pray and celebrate. It is one of the 3 temples built by the Balinese Prince Anak Agung, in 1714. We return to your hotel through the jungle and forest scenery of the Pusuk Pass and stop on the way to visit the monkeys.

Waterfalls Tours

approx 8 hours

Visiting the stunning waterfalls in the north with this full day tour to northern Lombok, we start our trip from Senggigi. Driving through the beautiful gorges of the Pusuk Pass we stop to see the cheeky monkeys in the Monkey Forest. Following the road all the way along the west coast to the mountains in the north we enjoy the amazing views of Lombok’s famous volcano, Mt Rinjani, and green hills of the Rinjani mountain range. We stop at the colourful Tanjung Traditional Market, with local fruits and food and later at two huge Banyan trees.

At Rinjani National Park we start our walk through the beautiful rice-fields of Senaru up to the towering Sendang Gile Waterfall, located at the base of the volcano, 600m above sea level. It is just stunning as the icy water is gushing down the hillside surrounded by jungle. The second waterfall is in about a 40 minute’s walking distance – from Sendang Gile. The trek to Tiu Kelep leads on a beautiful footpath through a lush rainforest, crossing also a cold water fast flowing river – so needs to have proper shoes for that tour. There is a great opportunity for a cold swim at Tiu Kelep.

After having lunch at a restaurant with great view to the lush forest and the green valley with rice terraces running until the seashore, visit Senaru traditional village to see Sasak houses. On our way back we stop at Mosque Bayan Beleq, one of the inestimable historical Islamic heritage sites in Lombok which is believed to have been built upon the Islamic people’s arrival in the 16th century. We drive back to Senggigi on the coastal road enjoying the spectacular views of the northern Lombok beaches and the panorama of the 3 Gili islands.

Sasak Culture Tours

approx 8 hours

The Sasak people are the native inhabitants of Lombok and this tour highlights the best of Sasak culture in Lombok.

We start our tour from Senggigi via Ampenan. Our first stop will be at the village of Banyumulek to see traditional pottery. From Banyumulek we travel to the traditional weaving village at Sukarare, to see villagers in traditional dress creating another popular Lombok art form. Ikat, or woven fabric, is produced on old “back-strap” looms, with generations of weavers painstakingly creating wonderful designs into woven blankets and fabrics, sought by collectors throughout the world.

Driving further south, we visit the Sasak village at Sade or Rembitan to see traditional architecture with old-style housing compounds and Sasak houses with buffalo dung floors. After meeting the local people, we continue to the south coast resort of Kuta Beach, famous for its white sand beaches and world-class surfing. Enjoy a refreshing swim at the stunning beach of Tanjung Aan before heading back to Senggigi.

Beaches, pearls & monkeys

approx 5 hours

South sea pearls are one of Lombok’s major exports and a popular gift idea for visitors to the island. There are over 20 active pearl farms in Lombok, but only one offers pearl farm tours, which gives a good insight into how pearls are produced. The full process of culturing a south sea pearl is shown and explained. You can see the surgical operation of the oyster as well as harvesting of the pearl.

Starting from Senggigi we head north on the fantastic coastal road to see Malimbu, Nipah and all the beautiful beaches on the western side of Lombok.

From there we drive on to Autore Pearl Farm and meet our guide to show us the hatchery. We will be guided through the pearl culture process by showing us ‘nucleation’ and harvest on a live shell! After browsing the show room with its amazing jewelry and learning about the classification of pearls we move on to Pusuk Pass, stopping to visit the cheeky monkeys in the Monkey Forest on the way back to your hotel.

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