/// Scuba Diving in the South Gilis

Scuba diving holidays in South Gili Islands

enjoy pristine coral reefs and pinacles in a tropical islands paradise

If you want to explore the dive sites around South Gilis then you have come to the right place.
We are a PADI 5 Star resort based in Sekotong where the sites are only 10 minutes away.
Below you will find everything you need to know about diving South Gilis.
If you are new to Indonesia, then take a look at our supplemental blog about Planning Dive Trips to Indonesia.

/// Highlights of Diving South Gilis and Sekotong

  • The mainland based dive center is only 10 min. away from the closest dive sites direction east and 15 min. direction west.
  • Our first recommendation as accommodation is the lovely tropical island based Pearl Beach Resort on Gili Asahan which we pass on the way to the dive sites. The divers who stay there don’t have to come over to the dive center in the morning but are picked up by our dive boat.
  • The dive sites have a good cross section of what Indonesia has to offer. The topography varies from slope diving, interrupted by short walls, bolders, rocks are plateaus in the shallow parts. Some dive sites have a lot of hang overs, canyons and some are just a sandy bottom. The swarms of thousands of sardines at the jetty are not to be missed.
  • The Sekotong area is a tropical place with only a few dive resorts and not so much topside goings-on apart from snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and of course most of all scuba diving.

The sea is fairly shallow, visibility never crystal clear but this doesn’t affect the caliber of the dive sites.We offer diving all year around with sea temperatures of 26-30C and visibility 10-20 meters. Only the months January and February might have a low visibility and doesn’t go higher than 10 meter due to the heavy rains.

Check out our blog section on Southern Gilis to find out what is happening now.

/// What can I see?

Most of the dive sites are pristine coral reefs with colorful soft corals and crinoids, vast staghorn coral fields and huge table corals in the shallow parts, giant elephant ears in the deeper parts, giant sponge barrels along the slopes. These reefs harbor bright colorful tropical reef fish such as angel and emperor fish, damsel and butterfly fish and many more. The corals hide a variety of shrimps, crabs and of course nudi branchs. Our guide will help you hunt down also the pigmy seahorse, ghost pipe fish and frogfish. Also the green sea turtle, a variety of muray eels, blue spotted stingray, cuttlefish, squid, octopus, lion and scorpionfish, flathead crocodile fish are part of the scenery. Occassionaly you will encounter a white tip shark.

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/// What is the dive service like?

Our Two Fish dive service includes:

  • Small groups of no more than four guests per dive guide
  • Dive groups are organised according to air consumption and dive experience
  • Expert dive guides who have done thousands of dives around South Gilis
  • All guides are PADI Rescue Diver trained, and there is Oxygen and first aid on every dive boat
  • English speaking friendly crew and dive guides
  • Long dives – we just ask you to surface after 75mins or on 40bar
  • All our dive guides are trained to assist photographers, spotting amazing critters and helping with carrying accessories
  • Wash and store service – all dive gear is loaded onto boats in the morning, and removed and washed after your diving, so all you need to do is DIVE


/// How do I get there?


Click on the map for more info on all our locations and maps.

If you are staying at one of the nearby mainland accommodations or at one of the island resorts in the area we’ll be happy to organize your daily transport, or just rent a motorbike and come on your own.

Should you be staying at the Pearl Beach Resort on Gili Asahan our dive boat will pick you up on the way to the dive site.

/// What is the accommodation like?

Our dive centre is located at the Villa Pao Pao – a unique luxurious 3-bedroom villa situated on the idyllic island of Lombok and is set just 40 yards from it’s own beach. Read more here.

We also work with the lovely tropical island resort Pearl Beach on Gili Asahan. It is a beach side resort with 4 brick beach bungalows only 20m walk to the white sandy beach, with a spacious wooden deck terrace with swing bed for the relaxing moments. If you wish you can watch the sunrise from you bed. The Bamboo Cottage are set in the garden with terrace and hammocks and of course ocean views. All the rooms are comfortable and clean. The accommodation is half board with breakfast and dinner included as well is free flow of drinking water. Swimming, snorkeling and of course Scuba diving is popular at their home reef and kayaking to explore the open sea and other islands.

Bola Bola Paradis is another option on the mainland of Sekotong. They offer 11 beach side rooms in total : 4 Standard rooms,3 Superior and 4 De Luxe. The Standard and De Luxe are situated in the tropical garden and the Superior in the main building annex to the reception and the restaurant. The rooms are comfortable and clean and provide fans and cold water showers. The accommodation includes breakfast.

Find out more about all accommodation options around South Gilis.

/// Indonesia Dive Safari


As we have dive resorts in 5 locations around Indonesia, visiting us means that you can book a Dive Safari of more than one dive location with the same operator in one holiday.

Lembeh You can add a few days to dive Lembeh, another world-class dive-destination that is only 3hours by boat & car from Bunaken
Bali You can start or finish your dive holiday by diving in Bali, its only a 3hour flight from Manado so is easy to add on at the end or beginning of your dive holiday
Lombok You can add-on some diving in Lombok, its only a 30-min flight or 3hour ferry ride from Bali.

/// What else is there to do?

You can take a few days off from diving and explore the local traditional market where you can by tropical fruits and vegetables, fish and meat and house hold articles. From there you drive on and enjoy the stunning white sandy beach at Mekaki Bay. Direction west you can visit the legendary Desert Point at Bangko Bangko which is world wide famous for its excellent surfing.


Contact us about Diving South Gilis

/// Want Affordable Packages?

We offer dive & accommodation packages in island based and mainland based accommodation around South Gilis. Please click here for our full list of packages available.

/// How do I book?

Complete the form with your dates and any other requests, and we will reply back within 24 hours with availability and prices.

When you are happy to book, all we ask is for a USD100 deposit and we will hold your booking for you.

Please send us your flight details so we can organise the airport pickup.

If you have any other queries about deposits and payments, you may find the answer on our Prices page, and our FAQ page may help with other queries.


We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with DiveZone, a dive operation that has been in South Lombok for more than 10 years, which means that Two Fish guests can also add diving Lombok to their Indonesian dive trips.

We look forward to you diving South Gilis with us in the near future!!

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/// dive with schooling hammerheads

At Belongas Bay there are seasonable sightings of schooling barracudas, tunas, and other pelagic life. As it’s only a 1hour trip from the South Gili’s you can do it as a day-trip!
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/// Short hop to the Gili’s

Did you know that its only 2 hours to Senggigi and the Gili’s in the north, AND we have dive resorts/operations there? This makes it easy to visit other amazing locations on Lombok with us!
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