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27 Apr / 2017
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This week in Amed we spotted this fantastic nudibranch on our house reef, a Glossodris Cincta. Our House Reef is only walking (and swimming!!) distance from the Resort, and our Dive Guides are a crew of magicians able to spot almost anything you wish for!

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26 Apr / 2017
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awesome-octopus-lembonganThis week in Lembongan we came across an awesome octopus who was pretty curious and not shy at all. We spent almost five minutes with him just watching him what he was doing and how he changed color and texture.
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26 Apr / 2017
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IMG_1662This week in bunaken we had some funny and unique fish such as Giant frogfish, Gorgonian pygmy seahorse, and Ornate ghostpipefish. With some great visibility we have also been seeing some amazing things on the afternoon dives with hordes of Blacktip reef shark, Yellowfin tuna, Giant trevally and Bathfish.
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25 Apr / 2017
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Guided tech dives in BunakenOur technical guide in Bunaken, Markus (pictured in the middle), had a busy start to the month, guiding a mixed group of CCR and open circuit divers on what we consider to be Asia’s best wall dives.

He was joined by Christoph (left, on his Inspiration Vision) who has dived CCR literally for decades adn was keen to explore more of North Sulawesi diving and Leo (right), who started his tech diving career much more recently after completing TDI courses at Two Fish Tech last year.

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21 Apr / 2017
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Leafy Filefish in LembehThe Leafy Filefish welcomed VIP’s to Lembeh this week as Tom and Karen returned for their 14th visit to Twofish Divers Lembeh since 2007! Thanks go to Tom amd Karen for this wonderful image. This is their first sighting of this little guy, making this visit extra special for them.

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