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Join us for wreck diving in Truk Lagoon!

We are  organising our first international Two Fish diving trip to offer you a fantastic 12 days of wreck diving in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia in November 2018! Truk Lagoon is simply the world’s best wreck diving. It is home to 60 WWII wrecks lying in depths of 20 – 70 metres. This trip is perfect…

Dive Zone is back to school

Dive Zone went back to schoolDive Zone is back to school this week with a visit from one of the local schools who paid us a visit to practice speaking English and to learn about the tourist industry and what we do here at Dive Zone. An absolutely amazing day with laughter everywhere and a good chance for us to talk to the next generation about looking after their environment. We had a great morning with the kids making conversations, talking about diving, telling them about what we can see under the water.

Hammerheads in Belongas, South Lombok..Again!!!

P1070481Belongas, South Lombok this week…Hammer, Hammer, Hammerheads! The conditions have been calm with mild currents throughout the week and plenty yes plenty of beautiful Hammerheads both Scalloped and great ranging from 1.5 meters to 3.5 give or take….hard to tell without a tape measure and all of us were just blown away by the number of these magnificent fish. So graceful, so elegant, so lucky we were.

Belongas, South Lombok- Blue Spotted Stingray’s

Blue Spotted Stingray's

This week in Belongas, South Lombok Blue Spotted Stingrays galore once again at our dive Site “Gili Sarang”.

We have often seen more than 25 stingrays hanging around the same spot, some swimming, some resting but all in within a 10 meter radius and to this day we are still mesmerized by it. It is truly wonderful to just hover and watch. I can’t get enough of it and the divers we have come to visit Belongas are the same often voicing the fact that they have never seen so many.

Great Hammerheads in Belongas, South Lombok

Great Hammerheads in Belongas, South Lombok

Belongas, South Lombok this week has been the rise of Great hammerheads.

Down here in Belongas we have the opportunity to see both the scalloped hammerheads and the great hammerheads. The scalloped form in schools where as the great are known to be more solitary.

When we encounter the great hammerheads we usually only see 3-4 on a dive if we are lucky but this week on individual dives we have been spotting 8-10!

Schooling schools of squid, Belongas, South Lombok

Squid from Belongas Bay

Once again here in Belongas, South Lombok our conditions have been up and down with temperatures ranging from 19ºC-24ºC, visibility from 5-25 meters, waves from .5-4 meters and current from small to strong washing machines and still our season has not ended.

We have been seeing hammerheads, mobula rays, white tip reef sharks, barracuda, devil rays, trevally, tuna and more and more schools of squid mainly at the dive site “Gili Sarang”.

Magnificent Manta Belongas, South Lombok


This week here in Belongas, South Lombok we have had the absolute pleasure of a visit from an Oceanic Manta! Having full boats all week with divers from the Gili Islands, U.K, France and Malaysia who all come from for Hammerheads and Mobula Rays were over the moon to run into the Manta.

Pi’I our Belongas guide says that this does happen so often usually about 3-4 times during the high season.

Planning dive trips to Indonesia

planning-dive-trips-to-IndonesiaWe often get emails from people who are planning dive trips to Indonesia and want to know where the best places for diving are, and what we can suggest for a 8-10 day stay. This is actually very hard to provide, its like asking to give suggestions for a 8-10 day stay for skiing in europe!

However, we can provide some of the considerations that you need to take into account when you are planning dive trips to Indonesia, and we can provide some recommendations based on this.

Hawksbill Turtles in Belongas, South Lombok

Bunaken turtle at LeukuanDown here in Belongas, South Lombok….this week we have seen an awful lot of Hawksbill turtles. It has been known to see them on occasion at our Dive sites “Gili Sarang” and “The Cathedral” but we have even run into them at “the Magnet” earlier in the week. “A lovely way to end the dive, we have been so lucky” said the group of Instructor’s and Dive master’s from Gili islands, not only did they see the Turtles they also saw a Big school of Hammerheads, Great Barracuda, 7 White tip reef sharks, Eagle rays,  Bamboo sharks, Lobsters and Grouper!!