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30 Nov / 2016
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divemaster trainee blog by Jackie & BrentNusa Lembongan: (Nov 1st-21st)
3 weeks into our divemaster course and we are already saying goodbye to Nusa Lembongan, for now at least, to fly onto Manado and join the two fish crew in Bunaken. What an action filled, learning curve this past 3 weeks has been!
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Some Molas are Still Around in Lembongan - Mola seasonThis week in Lembongan… The mola season may officially be over and it was not what we were all expecting but we have had a surprise turn of events this week, with our divers spotting 2 molas on 2 different dives through and another dive centre spotting 4 molas together on 1 dive. This is not to say that the mola season is coming late, but great to see that some are still around. 
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10 Nov / 2016
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Part 1 DMT Hannah: The First Two Weeks Have Flown ByIt’s been just over two weeks since I first arrived in Nusa Lembongan and began my Divemater Internship and I can’t quiet believe how fast the time has gone!
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mola mola seasonThis week in Lembongan… Even though the mola season has been far from that of other years, they are still around. While diving this week at Crystal Bay, dive guides Murry and Tino were lucky enough to show one of these weird and wonderful creatures to their guests. 
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Part 4 divemaster trainee Tram: Bare feet and bare allMy last and final week of the divemaster trainee was in Lembongan, a small island across from Bali. The switch was a little unnatural at first but turned out to be an invaluable learning experience. Guiding guests diving in current, higher guests turn around, completely different conditions and aquatic life. Indeed, on our dive yesterday we saw TWELVE manta rays! Freaking amazing!!!
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