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16 Sep / 2015
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Scuba diving From Lembongan to TulambenThis week in Lembongan… On many of our dive sites around Penida and Lembongan we have Bali dive centers that take the journey across Badung Strait to bring their guests to dive our reefs. So we thought maybe we should do the opposite and head over to Bali to check out the diving there. For this trip we we loaded our boat Freedom with many tanks and a lunch and drinks and left Lembongan at 7.30am for a day trip to explore the famous Liberty wreck.

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15 Sep / 2015
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planning-dive-trips-to-IndonesiaWe often get emails from people who are planning dive trips to Indonesia and want to know where the best places for diving are, and what we can suggest for a 8-10 day stay. This is actually very hard to provide, its like asking to give suggestions for a 8-10 day stay for skiing in europe!

However, we can provide some of the considerations that you need to take into account when you are planning dive trips to Indonesia, and we can provide some recommendations based on this.
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09 Sep / 2015
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Cute Boxfish In LembonganSo what exactly is a boxfish?

Besides being the cuties fish ever, the boxfish are small fish that mainly swim in the shallow areas of the warmer parts of the world’s oceans, like coral reefs. They spend their lives passively pruning algae and small invertebrates like crustaceans, worms, and sponges off rocks and coral with their tiny, cute mouths. Their body is rigid with hexagonal bony plates fused together to form a hard shell that encircles their interior, “real” skeletal framework. It has as well rounded corners that makes the animal distinctly rectangular in overall shape. Their shell is so amazing that it has been used as a bionic inspiration for automobile design!

How cool is that?!

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02 Sep / 2015
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Mola MOla (Oceanic Sunfish) in Nusa LembonganThis week in Lembongan… Our waters seem to be full of crazy and amazing creatures. Not only have we seen molas on most of our dives, some of our divers have been lucky enough to see a mola with a thresher shark swimming right past it. Wow what a rare sight!
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26 Aug / 2015
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Keeping Warm in Lembongan when scuba divingThis week in Lembongan… Another busy week on our little island. We have had two full boats going out every day. Temperatures in the south of the island have dropped and our divers were happy that we rent out 5mm full wetsuits to keep them warm and cozy. We all like to wear wetsuits nowadays for diving. But how does a wetsuit really keep you warm?
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