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26 Aug / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: Comments: 3

Keeping Warm in Lembongan when scuba divingThis week in Lembongan… Another busy week on our little island. We have had two full boats going out every day. Temperatures in the south of the island have dropped and our divers were happy that we rent out 5mm full wetsuits to keep them warm and cozy. We all like to wear wetsuits nowadays for diving. But how does a wetsuit really keep you warm?
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19 Aug / 2015
Author: Reuben Tags: , , , Comments: 1

imageThis week in Lembongan. Calm seas have allowed us to visit the Mantas quite frequently and our divers enjoyed a lot of time with this beautiful creatures. Some of them were lucky enough to even see Mantas and Molas on the same day and to top that off they spotted dolphins on the surface just a few meters from our boat. So we had a lot of happy faces from our guests at lunch.
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12 Aug / 2015
Author: Bryce Tags: Comments: 0

Bat Fish in Nusa lembonganThis week in Lembongan… we are proud to welcome five new members in the worldwide diving community. Anneloes, Giel, Cyrielle, Aurélien and Edouard just finished their Open Water Course. We had a lot of fun trying to do bubble ring in the water, watching mantas dancing around and looking in the blue to find molas molas!

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08 Aug / 2015
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Manta Ray being cleaned in a cleaning stationThis Week in Bali, it seems like the cleaning station at Manta point has a lot of dirty Mantas coming in for a clean.

It almost feels like being in a manta soup when you have 7-8 manta rays circling around the cleaning station at Nusa Penida, all of them coming in to get rid of their little parasites that make a great meal for the hungry little cleaner wrasse that call the cleaning station at Manta Point their home.
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05 Aug / 2015
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PADI Resuce CourseThis week in Lembongan…. We have many return guests again. Nadine and Flavia, who did their Open Water Course with Karoline in March, just came back. Flavia is back now to do her PADI Advance, while Nadine is completing her PADI Rescue course. As an instructor it is great to see that people enjoy this sport as much as we do and want to progress and become better divers.
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