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03 Aug / 2015
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Great Diving While During Divemaster Course in LembonganThe first fortnight of my DM training as come to a close, along with my time on Nusa Lembongan. It’s with mixed feelings that I head to Two Fish on Bunaken to continue the course: excitement at experiencing new dive sites and working with different instructors yet a sadness in saying goodbye to the fantastic team here, just as I had begun to settle in and get to know everyone and how things work.

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01 Aug / 2015
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Mola Mola Diving Season in BaliThis week in Bali our guest were visited by a giant from the deep. They got to see 1 mola-mola and 8 mantas on their trip to Nusa Penida.
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29 Jul / 2015
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TMystery fish in Lembonganhis week in Lembongan… After a nice day out diving in Crystal Bay, JP came back and tried to find out what kind of fish he saw. His description was very precise: tail like a sweetlips with a white finishing at the end of the tail, the fish was blueish, swimming off the reef out in the blue, body a bit like a grouper and about 70 cm long. Ok, fish books out and start searching. Even Tina, who was here from Bunaken, was getting involved in solving the mystery. This is what we came up with:
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22 Jul / 2015
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All different Types of Rays in LembonganThis week in Lembongan… The island has become very busy with everyday we have had full boats. Havard from Norway who is visiting us for the third time already was been lucky enough to see eagle rays, marble rays, bamboo sharks, turtles, scorpion fish and because the water is getting colder he has been lucky to see two Mola.

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15 Jul / 2015
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Molas in Lembongan Waters

This week in Lembongan… The molas have ventured from the deep to entertain are divers but not just at one dive site and not just the divers from one boat. 2 dive boats, 2 different ends of the island, 2 different dives and 3 molas in total.
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