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23 Nov / 2015
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Nudibranch blogWe have discovered the biggest nudibranch in the world at Bunaken! We have christened him Godzilla and he lives at 45m on Mandolin. Giving us cause for concern that there may be nuclear waste or something down there creating monstrous molluscs!
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15 Nov / 2015
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SRWe have had a burst of specialty courses at Bunaken this week; our dive master in training Guillermo has been completing his Fish ID, underwater Naturalist, and Search and Recovery courses. He has been joined by Scott who arrived last week from Lembeh to start his Divemaster course, Scott has completed his Search and Recovery, Nitrox and Deep specialties and we have a guest from Belgium, Manu who joined in and has completed his Drift and Deep. Fair play guys for continuing with your dive education; though going on a certain final search and recovery dive there is still a bit of education to go! Luckily they are still with us for a few more weeks. Congratulations too go out to Ellen, also from Belgium, who completed her Open Water course with Dion.
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09 Nov / 2015
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longnose hawkfish in BunakenThere are many unsung heroes on our reefs, one of my favourites is the long nose hawkfish in Bunaken, and its not often you manage to get two of them in a frame. Of course everyone likes to see the big stuff, turtles, sharks, rays and other big pelagics; and you have the other end of the spectrum where divers love the hunt looking for smaller and smaller shrimps and other critters.
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02 Nov / 2015
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Bamboo sharkIt has been an elasmobranch week at Bunaken. In particular our deep divers Danny and Rachel were lucky enough to have sharks and rays on almost every dive this past week. Danny even lucked out and had an encounter with a scalloped hammerhead at 50m.

All the action wasn’t happening down deep though, we had an unusual visit from a brown banded bamboo shark, which had found a nice hole to hide out in on Lekuan Dua. Also the usual suspects of white tips, black tips, eagle rays and the abundant blue spotted ribbon tail rays kept everyone happy.
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26 Oct / 2015
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JakeThis week I, Jake, went for my first tech dive on Bunaken wreck with Dom and was feeling pretty special with all my tanks. I had an amazing dive its a really cool wreck with lots of swim throughs and a whole bunch of nudibranchs.

Also diving in to the blue on the walls of Bunaken with Barry and Louise from the U.K. almost immediately we were greeted by 2 pontohi pygmy seahorses we were all very excited and lots of pictures were taken. As for the rest of the dive we saw green turtles, orang utan crabs, boxer shrimp and many many more.
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