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20 Jul / 2015
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Mama dugong and baby!This week in Bunaken… Judith from the UK and dive guide Opel got a very pleasant surprise when they came across a mama dugong and her baby during a dive at Ron’s Point! Judith and Opel had been to Fukui, where the rest of the divers on the boat were diving, the day before so they chose to go to Ron’s Point instead which is right next to Fukui.
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14 Jul / 2015
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Conservation project Building coral reefsThis week in Bunaken… We did a small contribution to protecting the coral reefs around Bunaken this week with some underwater gardening – we were building coral reefs! In a joint project with the Indonesian Navy, the Two Fish staff as well as staff from another Bunaken dive centre, spent a day building large artificial reefs.
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06 Jul / 2015
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Diving in Bunaken - ghost pipe fish!This week in Bunaken… We have seen ghosts this week! Luckily though it has been the kind that makes you squeal with delight, rather than with fear. All of a sudden plenty of gorgeous ornate ghost pipe fish has been popping up around the reefs, hiding especially in feather stars and pretending to be one of the arms of the colourful starfish. Thank you Benita Vincent for the photo!
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29 Jun / 2015
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Eagle Rays and Pilot Whales whilst diving in BunakenThis week in Bunaken… A large amount of eagle rays have been seen on the dives this week and the divers had a nice surprise visit from a pod of pilot whales who played in the bow wave of the boat one day on the way back from the morning dives.
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23 Jun / 2015
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Lembeh’s Nudibranchs

bunaken nudibranchThis week in Bunaken… We have had a nudilicious time here in Bunaken this week! With nice and calm conditions and not much current to speak of it was easy for the guides and guests to take their time and find plenty of amazing, colourful and rare nudibranchs hiding in the cracks and crevices on the reef. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)
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