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09 Oct / 2012
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Arto CCR diving in BunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN: We congratulate Arto and Jimmy who finished their IDC yesterday and wish them all the best for the IE tomorrow. Check out the pic of Arto diving with a CCR – he loved the quiet, no bubbles experience!! Also this week barracudas galore on the day trip, lots of sharks, schools of tuna, pontohi sea horses and some devil rays!

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25 Sep / 2012
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land crabs in bunakenTHIS WEEK IN BUNAKEN: Sachiko has been one big shark fest for our guests especially the afternoon dives where up to 9 black tips at a time have been seen! Also barracudas, jacks and pontoh sea horses have been sighted frequently. Plus it’s not just the ocean harvesting some cool critters – our land crabs have been out in force including this big beast caught on camera by karsten. Awesome!!

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18 Sep / 2012
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crocodile fish in bunakenLots of scorpion leaf fish in all ranges of colours, eagle rays, giant trevellies, schools of tuna down in the deep plus crocodile fish galore!! We don’t see many normally but this week they have been out in abundance including 4 hanging out together at Barracuda point. Thanks to Jimmy our DMT for this great shot! Crocodile fish can live to be 14 years old and start off entirely black before developing their amazing camouflage skin as adults!

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17 Jun / 2011
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Today again awesome dives in Wori!!Mimic, long arm and coconut octopus, three painted frogfish, gunnard, ambon scorpion fish just to name few!!! Here some pictures!


08 Jun / 2011
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It has been almost two weeks since we first time saw dugons and they are still in Ron’s point. We saw them in all the dives since that!! (not all the divers I have to say……but they are there!!). Today after half an hour dive they scared me just in front of me when I was looking close to a lizard!!They were two, one of them swam away after few minutes but the other one stayed with me for the rest of the dive. Sucking the sandy bottoms and swimming to the surface for air, gave me time to enjoy with this peaceful animal.

Here some pictures…..not quite good do, it is difficult to get good pictures of such a big animal with the macro lens…

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