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10 Feb / 2011
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After the success of the previous trip we repeat it this week. We had a sunny day and we all enjoy three dives. Napoleon Wrasse, many many nudibranches, turtles, sea snake, barracudas and our guide Jonh found a HALIMEDA GHOST PIPEFISH!
Congratulations Johanes and Martina for your Deep diver Specialty!

01 Feb / 2011
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We had a wonderful day trip on Sunday. First we did two dives around Manado Tua island, where had the chance to explore the different topography of these sites. We had lunch right in front of a 800m inactive volcano. After that we went for a walk through the village, spending some time with locals. Just past the village we found the jungle and then we finished in a small and beautiful beach!!To finish this enjoyable day trip some of us did a third dive on the way back.
Here there are some pictures that Dennis took!Thank you Dennis!!


04 Jan / 2011
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         We had a great day yesterday. On the first dive we did a deep dive to 45m on Sachiko to explore the caves. Using twin-tanks and air, we spent 20mins at 45m and then 70mins ascending on deco stops. As the wall is our “line” this means that deco stops are just like “normal” dives!

On the second dive we then did a "normal" dive on Lekuan III and found loads of stuff like robust ghostpipe fish & pontoh seahorse.

Bunaken’s walls are great!!


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