My first tech dive on Bunaken wreck

JakeThis week I, Jake, went for my first tech dive on Bunaken wreck with Dom and was feeling pretty special with all my tanks. I had an amazing dive its a really cool wreck with lots of swim throughs and a whole bunch of nudibranchs.

Also diving in to the blue on the walls of Bunaken with Barry and Louise from the U.K. almost immediately we were greeted by 2 pontohi pygmy seahorses we were all very excited and lots of pictures were taken. As for the rest of the dive we saw green turtles, orang utan crabs, boxer shrimp and many many more.

New wreck at Bunaken

AnemoneWe have had some great dives this week and have even found a new wreck at Bunaken! Not that I think it will be attracting many divers, just out of recreational range Naomi and myself spotted two pretty new looking engines and long tail props along with some bamboo outriggers, whilst on a tech dive. Possibly the mission for a future search and recovery dive? This was just one of many highlights on a beautiful Mandolin dive; mating big eye trevally, sharks, stingrays, moray eels, massive maori wrasse as well as the reef bustling with life. All of this in beautifully mild conditions; warm water, great viz and a nice drift taking us along the reef. The picture attached shows the lovely scenery that we have to enjoy during our shallow stops; no boring blue water hangs for us.

Prize Find For Shrimp Geeks at Bunaken

Periclimenes lanipesA prize find for shrimp geeks was finally captured on camera at Bunaken by our in house shrimpophile Robyn. Robyn has spent the last week doing night dives around Bunaken amazed by the amount of life that comes out to play only once the sun has gone down. The basket stars have been a firm favourite as they swarm over the reef, especially once she found they were full of their own little critters.

Planning dive trips to Indonesia

planning-dive-trips-to-IndonesiaWe often get emails from people who are planning dive trips to Indonesia and want to know where the best places for diving are, and what we can suggest for a 8-10 day stay. This is actually very hard to provide, its like asking to give suggestions for a 8-10 day stay for skiing in europe!

However, we can provide some of the considerations that you need to take into account when you are planning dive trips to Indonesia, and we can provide some recommendations based on this.

50M + Visibility at Bunaken!

50M+ Visibility at Bunaken! Sounds too good to be true? Well it came with a cost; the visibility was easily better than 50m- you could see forever but it was due to almost a 10C thermocline!

Water temp at the surface was a nice 28-29C which dropped a little on the way down but the upwelling dropped temps to 20C! This of course brought with it a heap of fish activity; we had sharks, a monster Napoleon wrasse, loads of dogtooth tuna, jacks and emperors. All in all it was an awesome dive, and as we left bottom back into the warmth we thought we had experienced the eventful part of the dive.

Halimeda ghost pipefish in Bunaken

Halimeda ghost pipefish in surprisingly cold Bunaken waterThis week in Bunaken… Dive guide Rolly really made the day for his divers, Magnus and Jonas from Denmark, when he found this stunning pair of halimeda ghost pipefish on the dive site Alung Banua. Halimeda ghost pipefish are very rare and sought after by many macro enthusiasts so we are super excited to have them here. Seeing that this is a pair we are hoping that they are going to hang around for a while! (Thank you Jonas for the photo!)

Picking fights with boxer crabs

picking fights with boxer crabsThis week in Bunaken… Dive guide Oke learned that attitude sometimes comes in small packages and that you should not pick fights with boxer crabs. During a dive Oke found a very pretty boxer crab that he pointed out to his divers. Normally boxer crabs are quite elusive and shy, but not this guy! He raised his little pom-poms (which actually are anemones held in their claws) and rushed towards Oke’s finger! Anyone ever been stung by an anemone know to stay clear of them and Oke quickly withdrew his finger. His divers got a good laugh, cause how can anyone be scared of a crab with pom-poms, right!? Thank you Phil Clarke for the great photo!

Mama dugong and baby!

Mama dugong and baby!This week in Bunaken… Judith from the UK and dive guide Opel got a very pleasant surprise when they came across a mama dugong and her baby during a dive at Ron’s Point! Judith and Opel had been to Fukui, where the rest of the divers on the boat were diving, the day before so they chose to go to Ron’s Point instead which is right next to Fukui.


Lembeh’s Nudibranchs

bunaken nudibranchThis week in Bunaken… We have had a nudilicious time here in Bunaken this week! With nice and calm conditions and not much current to speak of it was easy for the guides and guests to take their time and find plenty of amazing, colourful and rare nudibranchs hiding in the cracks and crevices on the reef. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)

A week of game fish

A week of game fishThis week in Bunaken… Divers have been spoiled this week with plenty of encounters of large game fish. Schools of big eye trevallies and yellow fin tunas have cruised by as well as massive dog tooth tunas, great barracudas and giant trevallies. All this activity has also made the reef fish more on the edge and it’s a quite impressive thing to watch when hundreds of red fang trigger fish get startled and in unison swoops down to the reef with a big ‘SWOOOSH’. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)

Cephalopod sensation!

Cephalopod sensation in BunakenThis week in Bunaken… The divers got a cephalopod sensation this week when they ended up among freshly hatched octopus and cuttlefish. During a dive over at the mainland, ‘the muck diving of Bunaken‘, Benita and Janine from Australia all of a sudden found themselves among heaps of tiny little octopus swimming around in the water as well as several baby cuttlefish hiding in the stag horn coral. It is all about being in the right place at the right time! (Photo: Phil Clarke)

Babies everywhere!

Babies-everywhere.jpgThis week in Bunaken… Divers have started to see the result of all the eggs that were seen over the last couple of months. Now there are babies everywhere! The tiniest little Nemos hiding away in anemones, golden damsel fish blending in with fan corals and the most gorgeous little cuttlefish babies stood their ground against the divers during a PADI specialty night dive. Thank you Phil Clarke for the beautiful photo of a mama Nemo protecting her eggs!