A week of game fish

A week of game fishThis week in Bunaken… Divers have been spoiled this week with plenty of encounters of large game fish. Schools of big eye trevallies and yellow fin tunas have cruised by as well as massive dog tooth tunas, great barracudas and giant trevallies. All this activity has also made the reef fish more on the edge and it’s a quite impressive thing to watch when hundreds of red fang trigger fish get startled and in unison swoops down to the reef with a big ‘SWOOOSH’. (Photo: Dom Jeanes)

Cephalopod sensation!

Cephalopod sensation in BunakenThis week in Bunaken… The divers got a cephalopod sensation this week when they ended up among freshly hatched octopus and cuttlefish. During a dive over at the mainland, ‘the muck diving of Bunaken‘, Benita and Janine from Australia all of a sudden found themselves among heaps of tiny little octopus swimming around in the water as well as several baby cuttlefish hiding in the stag horn coral. It is all about being in the right place at the right time! (Photo: Phil Clarke)

Babies everywhere!

Babies-everywhere.jpgThis week in Bunaken… Divers have started to see the result of all the eggs that were seen over the last couple of months. Now there are babies everywhere! The tiniest little Nemos hiding away in anemones, golden damsel fish blending in with fan corals and the most gorgeous little cuttlefish babies stood their ground against the divers during a PADI specialty night dive. Thank you Phil Clarke for the beautiful photo of a mama Nemo protecting her eggs!

Pygmy seahorses in Bunaken

Pygmy seahorses - big loveThis week in Bunaken… Big love sometimes come in small packages. Guillermo from Belgium together with Dive Guides at Two Fish Divers Opel got to witness two Pontohi pygmy seahorses in a beautiful dance. The little lovers swam around each other for a few minutes and ended up holding tails hooked on to a bit of coral. We are crossing our fingers for pygmy-pygmy seahorses soon! Thank you Guillermo for the photo. Do you only sea one seahorse? The second one is upside down, like a mirror of the top one!

Blue ringed octopus makes an appearance

blue ringed octopus makes an appearanceThis week in Bunaken… Bunaken is mostly known for its breathtaking wall diving and abundance of chilled out turtles. So you can imagine the surprise (followed my squeals of joy) when a blue ringed octopus was found by instructor Dion during a night dive on Lekuan III. The little guy was not shy at all and the divers could enjoy watching him for minutes as he moved over the sand and flashed his deadly blue rings. (Photo: Ina Wallin)

The eagle rays are back!

Eagle rays are backThis week in Bunaken… Eagle rays are in general a fairly common sight here in Bunaken. In the beginning of the year we did however notice a dip in sightings, but they now seem to be back in numbers. They are seen on almost every dive at the moment! And considering how easy it is to just look on the reef walls for cool critters you can only imagine how many cruise by unnoticed behind us. It is always a great treat to have one of those large rays swim past with that cheeky looking face. They look like they just got away with some mischief!

Whales and dolphins!

Long fin batfishThis week in Bunaken… Going between dive sites might not be the most exciting part of a dive day, but this week the divers were treated to something special when a small pod of pilot whales made an appearance and swam alongside the boat for a few minutes! A couple of days later a pod of dolphins put up a great show with jumps high out of the water on the way from the dive site Siladen.

Lucky Friday the 13th and Valentine’s dives

Juvenile frogfish This week in Bunaken… Everywhere around the world people get worried when Friday the 13th comes around, but it takes more than superstition to put divers off from diving! And of course it was smooth sailing with calm seas, sun and clear water as well as great sightings. Among other things the divers got a curious black tip reef shark coming in several times to have a close look before it disappeared in to the blue again.

Wicked week in Bunaken

juvenile batfish in bunakenThis week in Bunaken… The weather gods have been all over the place this week with stunning sunshine that became pouring rain and back to sun again in just a blink of the eye. This didn’t put off the divers though who were rewarded with great sightings; plenty of reef sharks, sting rays, the usual abundance of friendly turtles as well as large cuttlefish, schools of squid and tunas and giant trevallies hunting small fish. One exciting treat spotted on Tanjung Parigi was a gorgeous little juvenile batfish trying to look like a flatworm. (Photo: Ina Wallin)

Pygmy seahorse galore and rescue training

pontohi pygmy seahorseThis week in Bunaken… From having a couple of weeks of big stuff, this week has been one of awesome macro. Candy crab, crinoid shrimp, ornate ghost pipefish, painted frogfish, harlequin shrimp, tiger mantis shrimp and several types of  pygmy seahorse (Pontohi, Severn, Bargibanti) just to name a few. The seahorse in the picture is a Pontohi pygmy seahorse which was classified as its own species just seven years ago in 2008! Growing to a maximum size of 17 mm from nose to the tip of the tail we are happy our guides have the eagle eyes required to find them. Thank you Phil Clarke for the great photo!

Devil ray, thresher shark and a mermaid!

devil ray This week in Bunaken… What an amazing week we’ve had! The afternoon dives have really rocked this week. Michel from Canada was out on a dive on Bunaken Timor II with divemaster Sandy when a gorgeous devil ray cruised by them almost within touching distance! They were so surprised that Michel only had time to take this one photo before it was gone. We rarely see devil rays here, but it also gave us a reminder to keep an eye out in the blue. Who knows what cruises by when we have our heads in the reef looking for small stuff. Maybe rearview mirrors on the mask can be an idea….

Plastic bag vs turtle

Plastic bag vs turtleThis week in Bunaken… With the new year still young we got a reminder that it is more important than ever to look after our oceans and the amazing creatures who call it their home. Cara and Tarn from Australia enjoyed a dive with plenty of turtles around as usual here in Bunaken. Cara spotted a big turtle that was just about to take a big bite out of a jelly fish. The only problem was that the jelly fish was a plastic bag floating around in mid-water!

Happy New Year in Bunaken

happy new year in bunaken (1 of 1)This week in Bunaken… Happy New Year everybody! Here in Bunaken we welcomed the new year with great fireworks on the beach in front of the cafe and the rain that had been on and off all day finally stopped to allow us a great celebration. Plenty of sparkles were passed around and in the photo you can see our tec instructor Dom trying to spell out Two Fish with a sparkle. Unfortunately it was only enough sparkle for “TWO” before it burned out! You get an A for effort though! Thank you Phil Clarke for the photo.